The Year in Review: Sports Committee

Members: Rahul Chaudhary (Convenor), Vinay Pilania, Vaishali Singh, Mona Nooreyezdan, Shrutanjaya Bharadwaj, Varsha Rao, Rahul Kawat, Utsav Bhagat, Aditya Arora, Shivpriya Gurtoo, Gaurika Khandelwal, Yash Joshi Given the sporting culture that has been fostered on campus, the Sports Commitee has the unenviable job of keeping everyone who wants to play a sport happy, something not…

Gender and Representations of Sport: The Nationalism Element

Societies all over the world are typified by structures whose endurance may, by and large, depend upon the preservation of notions of masculinity. Upon these notions, femininity is differentiated or ‘othered’. Sport, being a microcosm of this patriarchal society, embodies these perceptions of masculinity and femininity – perceptions which are subsequently fortified by the media’s…

Grappling for Glory

“Eight years ago, Sushil Kumar went from an unknown entity to India’s Olympic hero with a Bronze medal at the Beijing Olympic, and became one of, if not, the greatest Indian Olympian after securing a silver in the 66kg Freestyle category, becoming the nation’s only double individual medallist.” Ashta summarises the issues plaguing one of India’s brightest meal hopes at the 2016 Rio Olympics.


“Everybody knows about snowboarding, it’s speeding down a snow covered mountain on a thick board, trying not to fall. Everyone also knows it’s a high cost hobby, with basic gear not costing less than say, 1000 dollars, and ski centers being in far off locations like Vermont and Switzerland. Yet, few are aware of the bustling ski and snowboard scene in India, one that has great natural resources and low costs.” Vasundhra looks at the snowboarding scene in India

Down in the Doldrums – Indian Football and Nowhere to Go

When we usually talk about employment issues, we’re normally referring to the financial markets, the banking sector and so on and so forth. So it might surprise a few that footballers too are finding jobs hard to come by. Unless you’re a football player in India, of course. Ours might be one of the few countries where you could be a star in your own right, but still not earn enough.


The first ever NLUD faculty vs students match happened on a unreasonably hot Thursday afternoon. As both teams pulled up to the pitch in tracks and sport shoes, there was a sense of smugness among the students. Finally, reparation for thrice rejected synopses and 300 page readings. The fight for the Sovereign Cup was all set to be a one sided match.