The Year in Review: Moot Court Committee

Members: Akaant Mittal (Convenor), Kritika Padode, Nishkarsh Jakhar (Co-convenor), Saral Minocha, Kainaz Tanveer (Resigned), Thejaswi Melarkode, Puneet Dinesh, Ria Himmatramka, Prashasthi Bhat, Nishant Badhran This is it. The big one. The one we’ve all been waiting for. If there ever was a committee that courts controversy every year it functions, it is this. Whether it…


LitWeek 2015

DVL Vidya recounts the odd semester’s Litweek.

Diwali Night 2015

Written by Vasundhra Kaul and Karthik Inzamad Prasad Reported by Shivpriya Gurtoo Remember, remember, the fifth of November? On the fifth of November, the Cultural Committee organised the Diwali Night in the Auditorium. A Rangoli competition was also organized, with enthusiastic participation across batches, in which the fifth years emerged as winners. After running into…


Enter, the First Years!

The ickle firsties were interviewed by Shivalik Chandan and Shuchita Goel, who got bored of each other’s company and sought out other people on the orders of the Khaleesi, Chief Ed., Glasnost, and the driving force of this independent college publication, which cannot survive without the intensity – okay, you get the idea. In pursuance of…


The Real Reasons For You To Pick NLUD

We, at Glasnost, recently put up a slightly tongue-in-cheek piece listing out the reasons why law aspirants today should join NLUD. Though the article was written in jest, it has to be admitted that it did put forward an unbalanced view of our college. It’s time we cleared the air. NLUD is a great place…



You enter law school. You don’t know how you did it, but do it you did. Your NLUD entrance score doesn’t match up with your CLAT score and you wonder how you got in in the first place. Combined with your Class 12 marks, your evaluation of yourself as a student raises more questions than…


Alumni Interview — Shivain Vaidialingam, Batch of 2013

Hello there. This is part of a series of articles where we trace members of our alumni and try to gain some insight into what they’re up to in the big bad world and how they do it, so that we can go out and copy them. To this end, we spoke to Shivain Vaidialingam,…