5 Indian Authors You Should Read This Summer

Essential weekend reading: We recommend five books you can read this summer.


On The Brink: The NJAC Act and the legal battle for Democracy. Or was it Supremacy?

In the recent times, media coverage has been rife with the constitutional challenge brought to the “judicial appointments amendment” or the 99th Constitutional Amendment (“99th Amendment”) which has introduced Article 124A and has amended Article 124 of the Constitution of India. Consequential amendments have also been made to Article 127, Article 128, Article 217, Article…

Gladiators in Search of Salvation

by Linesh Lalwani To say that South Africa and New Zealand have underwhelmed in the knockout stages of cricket world cups would be stretching the mild politically correct term. New Zealand come into the game with a history that contains multiple semi-final exits and a quarter final exit in the previous editions of the tournament.…

In Search of Consequence

an awkward sloth named Relevance looks into the mid-distance of obscurity as he recalls the glorious sunshine that graced that exquisite day. The day when trundlers with odds stacked 66 to 1 against them, claimed the world and made a nation devoid o fairytales, believe in magic again.