Down in the Doldrums – Indian Football and Nowhere to Go

When we usually talk about employment issues, we’re normally referring to the financial markets, the banking sector and so on and so forth. So it might surprise a few that footballers too are finding jobs hard to come by. Unless you’re a football player in India, of course. Ours might be one of the few countries where you could be a star in your own right, but still not earn enough.

Sports at NLU-D: Another Perspective

But to achieve this success, girls have had to be ‘convinced’ to give their names for the leagues. Most scenarios involved a senior approaching and trying to talk them into signing up. What they didn’t realize was that in the process of achieving enough female participation, they were forcing them to play.

Cherries on Top

by Kartik Ashta and Mohit Chawdhry   With the Barclays Premier League title decided weeks in advance, the real action in the league was seen at the foot of the table where Newcastle and Hull were involved in a fight to stay up and out of the dreaded relegation zone.  Newcastle, shockingly, defeated West Ham…

Prelude to the Finals

by: Anonymous   Balls to Justice, the annual inter-batch football tournament, started in the last week of March with high anticipation among the footballing community. Tournament is by now, all but over with only the final remaining to be played. The teams which have made it to finals are the 5th Year A-team and the…

The Man who owns Football

Greetings. I know I haven’t written in a while. It is laziness for the most bit apart from life and stuff. No, its just laziness. In other news, this is what is destroying football. Alternatively, it is making it easier for you to see James Rodriguez, Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale in the same side. David Conn…