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  • The Year in Review: Literary, Debating and Quizzing Committee

    Members: Harshit Kohli (Convener), Raunaq Chandrashekar, Shreya Raman (Co-Convener), Divisha Mehta, Somil Garg, Arpit Aggarawal, Kaustub Narendran, Aslisha Batheja, Anmol Mittal, Aakansha Bhardwaj The Literary, Debating and Quizzing Committee continued its desperate fight for relevance on an increasingly crowded campus. Maintaining its focus on debating, the committee largely ignored 2/3rds of its mandate. A singular […]

  • The Year in Review: Academic Committee

    The Year in Review: Academic Committee

    Members: Amrutanshu Dash (Convenor), C.V. Aradhana (co-Convenor), Surabhi Lal, Hardik Singh, Kanchan,Sanchit Saluja, Tishta Tandon, Karthik Suryaprakash Thayur, Prarthna Sharma, Arshdeep Singh The Academic Committee’s most significant achievement through this last year has been the implementation of the Student Academic Assistance Policy, its brain child that seeks to involve the 4th and the 5th year […]

  • The Year in Review: Moot Court Committee

    The Year in Review: Moot Court Committee

    Members: Akaant Mittal (Convenor), Kritika Padode, Nishkarsh Jakhar (Co-convenor), Saral Minocha, Kainaz Tanveer (Resigned), Thejaswi Melarkode, Puneet Dinesh, Ria Himmatramka, Prashasthi Bhat, Nishant Badhran This is it. The big one. The one we’ve all been waiting for. If there ever was a committee that courts controversy every year it functions, it is this. Whether it […]

  • The Year In Review: Cultural Committee

    The Year In Review: Cultural Committee

    Glasnost reviews the working of the Cultural Committee in the year 2015-16.

  • The Year in Review: Mess Committee

    The Year in Review: Mess Committee

    Members: Bharat Gupta (Convener), Rishika Srivastava, Purushottam Mishra (Co-Convener), Nishtha Sinha, Arpit Agarwal (nominated), Soumya AK, Devagya Jha, Mohit Mehta (nominated), Tanaya Rajwade, Yusrah Khan, Yashika Singh (nominated), Vivek Srivastava, Shahbaz Brar If there is one thing on campus everyone has an opinion about, it’s the mess menu and what should be on it. We […]

  • The Year in Review: Library Committee

    The Year in Review: Library Committee

    Members: Manan Jain (Convenor), Madhav Shankar, Shruti (Co-Convenor), Meera, Shubham, Priyashrav, Namita, Karthik Tayur, Kartik Prasad, Nidhi. The sole reason to review the Library Committee’s functioning during the 2015-2016 academic year is also the reason behind the skimpy length of this article. As something that must be looked upon with some level of seriousness, during […]

  • The Year in Review: Hostel Welfare Committee

    The Year in Review: Hostel Welfare Committee

      Members: Siddharth KS (Convener), Anshitaa Mishra, Yashasvi Tripathi (Co-Convener), Hardik Singh, Meghadarshini Sooranagi, Shivanshu Bhardwaj, Arpit Agarwal, Gowri Raghunath, Palak, Tanay Jain   Do you have a leaky faucet? Does the water in your wing smell suspiciously as though it has been suffused with enough chlorine for a pool? That’s where the good old […]

  • Kill your father

    Kill your father

    By Anonymous. This article was being written against a backdrop of rather sentimental dad advertisements floating on social media, and perhaps was written solely out of a sense of severe resentment. Because you see, when you finally understand you’ve had a bad parent, you’re also left to consider that in societies such as ours, you’re […]

  • Yes, There’s Hope.

    Yes, There’s Hope.

    Anonymous This is a piece about depression. But I promise it is more positive than the ones that usually go around. I choose to be anonymous on this post only for one reason – I’ll soon be hunting for jobs and not all of them, even those working for ‘causes’, are too charitable when it […]

  • The Short and Long of it

    The Short and Long of it

    Aarushi Mahajan discusses dress code in law school and its implications on students.