About Us

Glasnost is an independent student newspaper functioning for and out of National Law University, Delhi, that has been undertaken for the purpose of providing a platform for news and content relevant to the campus and its residents.

Law school is teeming with opinions. We have an opinion on everything from Israel’s foreign policy to the latest change in our mess menu. It is our belief that these opinions must have a forum for responsible expression, a forum which helps us broaden our thinking and horizons on a variety of relevant issues. We feel that such a forum is sorely missing in our university. Moreover, we allow this lack of space for expression to give rise to less civilized forms of debate and exchange of opinion, which add little or nothing to any kind of campus-wide consensus or understanding on any issue. Glasnost is your platform to constructively engage with such issues, ask the right questions and be the socially relevant lawyer we all set out to be.

Glasnost was born out of necessity. Despite being one of the youngest law schools, we are certainly one of the most active ones. There are so many things happening every day that law students are target customers for Adderral. Glasnost will keep you updated on everything interesting. You’ll know who won the debate at Stephen’s and who scored that deciding goal in yesterday’s match. You’ll read about what is the best place to order Kebabs from  and about the quirky new professor joining this semester.

What’s with the name, you might be asking yourselves. Glasnost (Russian) literally translates to transparency and openness. It is largely associated with Gorbachev’s policy of increased transparency in the working of the government and was credited for lowering the Iron Curtain. So when it was suggested as a name for our newspaper, we really couldn’t agree more.

We want YOU to write for Glasnost. That’s right, we care about your opinion and want you to be heard.

Contact Us: 

Email us at: glasnost.nludelhi@gmail.com

Or leave a message on our Facebook.


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