The Lives in a Metro


11:29 pm.

The last metro to Noida City Centre leaves Rajiv Chowk.

It’s unusually empty. You notice because you normally remark at how many people rely upon the last metro.

The train arrives but something is different. The lights. The lights in the train are off. Why are the lights off?

Only the red light informing the empty train about the next station flashes. The light is flickering. Or is that just the train crossing you? The light throws a red hue as the train compartments begin to slow to a halt.

And then you notice it.

The silhouette of a girl. She jumps from her seat onto the metro pole and she slides down. Her head tilted back, her hair falling to her waist.

The doors open but only the silhouette remains visible. She revolves around the pole. Slowly.

She’s behind the pole and facing you. Squatting with her legs spread apart on either side of it.

She licks the pole. You enter the train.

“Are you my daddy?” she asks in a playful baby voice. “I can be” you answer, as you unbutton your shirt.

You get arrested and the girl’s parents are contacted.

You fucking pedophile.



2 thoughts on “The Lives in a Metro

    • It is either a comment on the over sexualization of children in today’s culture, or I have seen kids in the metro doing nasty shit. Reader’s choice.


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