The Year in Review: Student Welfare Committee

Members: Aditya Vikram Yadav (Convener), Kunal Agrawal, Aishwarya Kaane (Co-Convener), Ridhi Darolia, Mohit Mehta, Pranav Krishna, Mahima Jain, Ritaj Vikram Singh, Raashi Mangal, Divyansh Joshi

This review of the Student Welfare Committee is part of Glasnost’s end of year committee reviews.

The Student Welfare Committee has been very active this past year, and has managed to make a number of positive changes to the student life on campus. The biggest change that the Committee was able to bring around was the extension of the curfews (both campus and hostel curfews) and the removal of the permission slip system and its replacement with a simple entry in the register. Both these changes were made a reality after extensive discussion with the student body by way of a GBM. The timings for the shuttle service from the metro station were also increased from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The SWC also organised various events through the year, ranging from the ‘BOB’ events to foster interaction among batches, the Onam celebration which included a ferocious inter-batch tug of war tournament (in which the second years defended their title), and a disaster management workshop. The SWC also organised English classes for anyone who required assistance in the language.

A problem that a lot of students used to face was the frequent absence of the nurse from the medical room in the Academic Block. The SWC managed to get another attendant to man the medical room and also conducted random checks to make sure that the medical room had someone in it during the scheduled times. The SWC also conducted random checks with the ambulance to ensure diligence.

The addition of the CCD Express stall in the cafeteria was also facilitated by the SWC, along with the newly added sofas and TV.

The SWC has done a lot of work over the past year, and has managed to achieve a lot. Here’s hoping that the newly elected committee continues the great work that this Committee has done.


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