The Year in Review: Sports Committee

Members: Rahul Chaudhary (Convenor), Vinay Pilania, Vaishali Singh, Mona Nooreyezdan, Shrutanjaya Bharadwaj, Varsha Rao, Rahul Kawat, Utsav Bhagat, Aditya Arora, Shivpriya Gurtoo, Gaurika Khandelwal, Yash Joshi

Given the sporting culture that has been fostered on campus, the Sports Commitee has the unenviable job of keeping everyone who wants to play a sport happy, something not easily done in a college like ours.  The Sports Committee did have its highs and lows this year, like every year and did make the effort to bring about some changes on campus.

  1. The Sports Committee took the decision of sending a contingent to Virudhaka at NLIU Bhopal and the contingent returned with the Best Contingent Award and Mona Nooreyezdan was awarded the best athlete award.
  2. The Committee was also directed to organise a Yoga session on account of Yoga Day, which was a central government initiative.  The event was a highly discussed one, and not for sporting reasons.  The debate included various issues of government interference and saffronisation .  The Committee was of the view that the Yoga session should be organised not for religious overtones, or because it was a government directive, but due to the various health benefits it brought.  The Sports Committee also assured the student body and those concerned that there would be no chanting so as to ensure that there was a restriction on overt religious tones to the event.  The jury is still out on whether the event should have been organised or not, but there was a sizeable turnout for the same.
  3. The Sports Committee also organised Krav Maga classes for those interested in self defence.  The classes received a favourable response and were attended in large numbers.
  4. The gym was one area of contention throughout the year and given that the contractor was not from the city, there were a number of issues regarding non funtioning and broken equipment.  Furthermore, there were no quality checks regarding the repair work done and equipment would break down frequently after repairs.
  5. The Committee also tried to organise trainers for both the gyms, but were unable to find one for the girls’ hostel, so the process was put on hold.  The author has been told that some progress has been made in that direction and the Sports Committee hopes to have part time trainers in the gyms in bith hostels soon.
  6. The Sports Committee also organised the Students v Teachers cricket match to much fanfare and so enthusiastic participation from both students and teachers, with the Teachers emerging victorious.
  7. The Basketball court was renovated, with a synthetic rubber coating to ensure that less injuries were caused and there was a proper surface to play basketball.  This however created a huge uproar as some students were of the view that this restricted their ability to play cricket and football.  While the notice sent by the administration did say that playing football and cricket was not allowed, the reasons were different from damage to the court.  After a number of instances of glass on the guest house wall being broken, the Registrar was not conducive to the idea of allowing cricket and football.  After long discussions, the Sports Committee was able to procure a net to ensure that at least football can make its return to the campus after a long absence.
  8. The Sports Committee came up with a trial policy to bring about fairness in the selection process for teams to represent the college.  There existed two sides to the debate here as well, with some arguing that holding trials for every fest dilutes the the ability of a team to create chemistry by playing together, whereas the other side believed that all those who wished, should be given the opportunity to try out every year.  The Sports Committee is currently in the process of discussing whether Trials are required and formulating a new Trial Policy.
  9. There was also the little issue of what jerseys were to be procured.  One faction argued for Adidas jerseys, the other side arguing for Speed as passing the quality check and being cost effective too.  Finally, the contingent received Speed jerseys.
  10. The Committee also sought to come up with a system whereby equipment could be issued without getting lost.  The system didn’t work out too well however, given that students who were in charge had commitments from time to time and could not be available at all times to issue sports gear and equipment.  After a while, the system died a slow, natural, painless death and all of us forgot about it.
  11. Finally, the Sports Committee also organised the college’s first Sports Fest, Zafir in conjunction with Kairos, the cultural fest.  While the fest deserves an entire article in itself, the long and short of it is, that it was exactly the way the first edition of such a massive event was going to go, with some highs, some lows and massive internal issues.  A few events of both the fests clashed, resulting in sparks flying between the two OCs. Even though the Fest went off smoothly on the face of it, the Zafir OC faced a volunteer boycott on the final day, resulting in a dearth of manpower.  Reasons for the boycott are unclear, but it is rumoured to include starvation, hard labour and ill treatment.  Despite the hiccoughs and cancelled events, Zafir still turned out to be the biggest event of its nature that the college has seen.

The Sports Committee has to cater to almost everyone on campus and sought to make the effort to ensure that all decisions were taken after a thorough deliberation.  It is nigh impossible to make every single person on campus happy and there will always be some grievances, and Committee’s have a duty to answer to them, but admin hassles have also been a roadblock to a number of initiatives in college ever since its inception.  We hope that in the future, decisions are taken quickly, with the reasons for the decisions that directly and substantially affect the student body being made public if possible.



3 thoughts on “The Year in Review: Sports Committee

  1. The Sports Committee took the decision of sending a contingent to Virudhaka at NLIU Bhopal and the contingent returned with the Best Contingent Award and Mona Nooreyezdan was awarded the best athlete award.
    Is this really the first thing that you had to mention about the sports committee? :|

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  2. The issue with gym equipment was driven by apathy of the sports committee, which seemed to function more to serve the interest of the members than anyone else. None of whom, incidentally, make use of the gym in the boys hostel. Badminton, football and basketball or lawn tennis saw several upgrades. ( Fun fact: The committee spent about Rs.20,000 on buying new lawn tennis equipment. An Olympic sized barbell, which was the consistent demand of people who go to the gym costs a more humble Rs. 5,000)

    Below is the email sports committee sent me regarding naming the fest. I found the line of reasoning in the second paragraph highly troublesome.

    Further, the Sports committee never consulted the student body on whether to organise ‘Zafir’ in the first place, perhaps on similar lines of reasoning. I believe the decisions to renew only the facilities available for basketball and to spend the sports grant on a fest without gauging the requirement of the student body borders on corruption and nepotism.

    Firstly, we apologize for the late response. The only reason is that all of us have been extremely busy with the fest etc. But we understand that nothing can be an excuse for ignoring legitimate concerns of a student we are accountable to, so please accept our apologies.

    Secondly, as was clarified in the e-mail sent earlier today, we had scrapped the previous suggestions as well as the voting process. This was because we as a Committee decided that a decision as important as the name of Sports Fest could not be left to the student body, as doing the same would be serious abdication of duty on our part, considering especially the fact that we have been elected by you to spend time and deliberate over important issues, which the student body cannot do. Therefore, the only names considered thereafter were those suggested by committee members themselves. The members were, of course, free to pick names from earlier suggestions made by students including yourself, but ‘Sasha’ was not brought forth by any Committee member.

    Thirdly, at the time of the earlier voting process, we had received about 25 names from the student body, out of which we had to shortlist a few so that they could be opened for a vote. We thus shortlisted the 7 names that were e-mailed along with the poll form. ‘Sasha’, just like 15-20 other names, was not shortlisted by the Committee. We found that the word per se had problematic connotations. As you would know, the name connotes a adult film-star, and the adult film industry is one that caters largely to the male population while engaging in heavy objectification of women and their bodies. As a Committee, we chose not to stand for something that perpetrates such kind of harm against women. Besides, during the fest at Bhopal earlier this year, a lot of female members from our contingent had raised this issue when it came to deciding our ‘chant’ for the fest.

    We hope this clears things. Thanks!


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