The Year In Review: Cultural Committee

Members: Surabhi Lal (Convener), Mahima Singh (Co-Convener), Ananth Acharya, Kuhuk Jain, Anant Ram Mishra, Kaali Prasad, Bhavninder, Jagrit Vyas, Padma Venkataraman.

Continuing Glasnost’s end of year reviews, this is a piece on the Cultural Committee and its activities throughout the last two semesters.

In a college like ours, it becomes necessary to include events that entertain and help distract from the otherwise purely academic and ‘serious’ activities. There is a lot of pressure, therefore, on the Cultural Committee to step up to task.

The CulCom hosted a number of events that have now become NLUD tradition- including the Freshers’ Talent Hunt, Freshers’, Dandiya Night, Christmas Party, Halloween Night and Diwali Night. Apart from these, informal events have been organized too, including Karaoke Night and the occasional cricket match screening. And of course, Secret Santa!

The one big cultural blowout of the year (despite its hitches) was fairly successful. Even with the introduction of Zafir and the increased co-ordination this meant for both the Sports and Cultural Committee, Kairos 2016 was a lot of fun, with some great pro-nights (Raghu Dixit!) and participation from many different colleges. There were a few criticisms raised about the functioning of the Organizing Committee and the way some juniors were treated during the fest, but overall, Kairos 2016 was one of the Cultural Committee’s biggest accomplishments.

While we’re not saying that all that the Committee has achieved in 2015-16 is not commendable, we have come to expect greater things from student bodies here in NLUD. The CulCom, more so than others, bears the burden of helping students relieve monotony on campus. We hope to see more activities from the Committee in the future, and a greater variety in the ones chosen. More enthusiasm and participation by members of the CulCom will also be appreciated. They have their task cut out for them, since apathy to events on campus is running high.  Though it would be unfair to say that showcasing culture on campus is the sole responsibility of the committee, but we would like to see efforts made in that regard.

Since a lot of events different committees and groups on campus organize have similar activities (think BoB week and Lit week; there are only so many games of Pictionary and Taboo that we can take), maybe committees should team up to make these more interesting and relevant for the student body.

We need to see more actual cultural events on campus. And let’s not keep the culture restricted to festival celebrations. Maybe represent a little more of the regionally diverse student body?

Lastly, since it is called the Cultural and Dramatics Committee, we’d like to see a little more of the latter being highlighted.

Given everything, CulCom’s had a mediocre year. We look forward to seeing the new committee, once formed, tackle these issues and make it a more relevant group on campus.

(Clarification: The Cultural Committee has acknowledged many of the faults mentioned above and stated that they will try to remedy the same next year.)


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