The Year in Review: Library Committee

Members: Manan Jain (Convenor), Madhav Shankar, Shruti (Co-Convenor), Meera, Shubham, Priyashrav, Namita, Karthik Tayur, Kartik Prasad, Nidhi.

The sole reason to review the Library Committee’s functioning during the 2015-2016 academic year is also the reason behind the skimpy length of this article.

As something that must be looked upon with some level of seriousness, during the entirety of last year, the Library Committee was never convoked in the manner in which an elected committee of students should be organized. Whatever work was supposedly carried out by the Committee was not performed in the Committee’s official capacity. Rather, it was done through members in their individual capacity and was entirely off the cuff as a consequence.

However, the library has gotten a makeover of sorts – whose efforts this is a result of is another matter. The swanky new RFID system promises to smoothen the process of issuing books. Additionally, the new shelves for students’ bags is extremely handy, while also decluttering the reception area.

To borrow unabashedly from last year’s review of the Library Committee’s functioning, some of the issues which still stand to be resolved are outlined as follows.

While the library welcomes all till midnight, the first floor of the library still closes at roundabout 9:30 pm. Consequently, the space on the ground floor tends to get a bit squeezed for the last couple of hours every day. Coupled with the fact that there is already a dearth of available plug points in the library as a whole (not least the ground floor), this makes life in the library just that bit more unwieldy.

Furthermore, the library’s online catalogue (OPAC) is still only available while on campus. As much as the student community would benefit from resolving these issues, all this pales in utter insignificance to the Library Committee’s dysfunctionality – the unravelling of which would be far more valuable.


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