The Year in Review: Hostel Welfare Committee


Members: Siddharth KS (Convener), Anshitaa Mishra, Yashasvi Tripathi (Co-Convener), Hardik Singh, Meghadarshini Sooranagi, Shivanshu Bhardwaj, Arpit Agarwal, Gowri Raghunath, Palak, Tanay Jain


Do you have a leaky faucet? Does the water in your wing smell suspiciously as though it has been suffused with enough chlorine for a pool? That’s where the good old Hostel Welfare Committee comes into play. In our very first committee review, we’ll be going over all the good (and the bad) that the Committee has done over the past year.

  • Water coolers

Does your water look murky? Does it taste like a devil’s fart crossbred with scrap metal? The hostels have been plagued with drinking water problems over the last year, with numerous complaints about the smell, taste, and purity. Granted, this is partly attributable to the Jat agitation, which led to Haryana cutting off Delhi’s water supply and forcing us to rely on groundwater that was unsuitable for human consumption. However, that was an isolated incident, whereas the poor quality of the water is all too familiar to those of us who live in the hostel.

Taking cognizance of these complaints, the Committee repaired all the water coolers over summer, replacing those which could not be saved. They’ve also floated new tenders to ensure that we get new equipment to cool our water soon. Further, the quality of the water is checked on a fortnightly basis, with a report being submitted to the HWC members. If the readings exceed the permissible limit, then new filters are installed on the water coolers.

Here’s hoping that the newly refurbished water coolers last us throughout the year!


  • Vending machines

On the upside, the newly installed vending machines are a boon to all those of us who like snacking at all hours of the night. On the downside, the machines suffer from a variety of problems, the most annoying of which are that it only accepts notes of small denominations, that it occasionally gobbles money while whatever delicious snack you were trying to procure at 3 AM remains firmly inside, and worst of all, that it occasionally rejects those few grubby notes that you’ve desperately dug up at some odd hour of the night.

In order to resolve this, the Committee is planning to introduce a new card-based transaction system, wherein students will now be able to merely fill up their card with credit and purchase whatever they wish to.


  • Whitewashing

Many of us returned from our summer breaks to find our walls still covered with whatever graffiti the previous occupants chose to decorate it with. In many cases, the rooms were whitewashed within a week of the college reopening – but the HWC states that the reason for the delay was that many students had locked their rooms without shifting out their belongings when they had returned home for summer. Moreover, with the whitewashing of the rooms and hostels shifting to the Public Works Department, the Committee has to float tenders every time it wishes to employee a whitewasher; an administrative difficulty that makes getting corridors and other places whitewashed difficult.


  • Hot water

The Committee states that it has made inroads into getting permission for hot water year-round. Having already obtained the Registrar’s approval, they are now going to approach the Vice-Chancellor for the same. Certain changes are required before such a supply can be guaranteed – the solar water heaters installed in college weren’t working, and as such, the water heaters were operating on electricity.

As for us, we’ll be happy if the hot water supply is ready in time for winter. We’re sure that many in the Boys’ Hostel remember the cold showers that they had endure through the dead of winter last year.


In addition to this, the Committee has also ordered new furniture to replace that which has been rendered unusable.

All in all, the Committee’s had a pretty average year. They’ve had some problems, but they’ve initiated measures to deal with them. Whether they work, however, remains to be seen.


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