LitWeek 2015

The 17th of November was the start of the 3-day Literary week organized by the Literary, Debating, and Quiz Committee and saw students participating in a variety of quizzes, games, and even a poetry slam. The first day started off with a Cricket Quiz with Kartik Ashta (IIIrd year) and Pratyush Pandey (IVth year) firing questions at five teams. After three gruelling rounds, Anmol Mittal (Ist year) and Kumar Ritwik (Ist year) emerged as winners, with Divisha Mehta (IVth year) and Akshaya Parthasarathy (IVth Year) as runners-up.

Subsequent to this event, Pictionary, conducted by Divisha Mehta, Anmol Mittal, Raunaq Chandrashekar (Vth year), Somil Garg (IIIrd year) and Shreya Raman (IVth year),was held and adjudged by all to be lively and fun. The teams had to decode their teammates’ awkward and hasty drawing to guess the words. After three hilarious and often frustrating rounds, Kaali Prasad (IInd year), Prashanth KP (IInd year), Anshul Agarwal (IInd year)  and Keerat Dhillon (IInd year)  won the first prize with Vasundhra Kaul (Ist year), Himaa Sudhir (Ist year)  and Karthik Inzamam Prasad (Ist year)  coming a close second.

On the second day, i.e., the 18th, a Football Quiz was conducted by Kartik Ashta and Prateek Jha (IIIrd year). The quiz tested the football knowledge of the four teams and, much like the cricket quiz, the winner was decided based on the team scores. After three nail-biting rounds, Sharad Tara (IInd year) and Siddhant Sachdeva (IInd year) clinched the first spot with Vivek Singh (Vth year) and Ishaan Patnaik (Vth year) coming second.

The last day of the event saw our college’s first ever Poetry Slam and gave an opportunity to all the poets in the college to articulate their poems in any manner they wished, without having the pressure of a competition hanging over their heads. Students from across batches came to the event and let the words flow. The event was conducted by Divisha Mehta.

Various other events like JAM (Just-A-Minute), Taboo and a TV show quiz were planned but were unable to happen. Project submissions, project presentations, Oxford Price organization, play practice and various other commitments hindered participation and resulted in a low turnout. Yet, it cannot be denied that there exists a general apathy among the students of the campus which prevents events like these to thrive on campus. Hopefully, next semester will see students participating in such events and broaden their experiences.


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