Diwali Night 2015

  • Written by Vasundhra Kaul and Karthik Inzamad Prasad
  • Reported by Shivpriya Gurtoo

Remember, remember, the fifth of November?

On the fifth of November, the Cultural Committee organised the Diwali Night in the Auditorium. A Rangoli competition was also organized, with enthusiastic participation across batches, in which the fifth years emerged as winners. After running into what seemed to be quite a serious technical snag involving fire extinguishers, the celebrations finally kicked off, with Surabhi of the fifth year as compere.DSC07120

The evening started with Siddharth Kuthari’s soulful rendition of ‘Tum hi ho’, along with flawless whistling and Oshin contributing. It received much praise and applause from the audience, and just as the singing faded, the music swelled as Jagata started to play the violin. The sweet melody of the strings charmed all, and was an enthralling experience.

This was followed by an electric performance by Kaali Prasad (second year) on the guitar, which left the audience screaming for more. The stage was then taken by Arpita from the fourth year, whose medley of upbeat songs got everyone pumped up. Her enthusiastic dancing helped set the mood for the rest of the evening.DSC07173

Bhargavi from the fifth year then sang ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’, accompanied by Anuja and Sanya Sud as dancers. After her melodious performance, the fourth year girls took the stage and danced to an exciting combination of songs and props.DSC07151

Fifth years Akshat and Loma performed ‘Follow you into the dark’ by Death Cab for Cutie and ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz, after a disclaimer of possible guava juice consumption and last minute work. They were followed by the fourth year boys, who, in what was possibly the most energetic performance of the evening, danced to a number of songs and left the audience begging for an encore.

Vasundhra and Padma, both first years, performed a medley of One Republic’s ‘Come Home’, Elvis’ ‘Can’t help falling in love’, and ‘Pehla Nasha’. The audience cheered and sang along to parts, and applauded once the songs were over.  Another first year, Siddharth Barua, popped and locked his way into the hearts of the audience with his dystopic, robot themed dance.

A surprise dance performance by the compere, Surabhi, became a group of fifth years dancing their hearts out on stage. After all the performances got over, all the batches took turns dancing, ending the evening on a jubilant note. The special food arranged for the occasion was also much appreciated by all present.DSC07196


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