The Weekly Review

Something’s always up on campus. Here’s a look at last week at NLU-D.

Trials for Virudhka

Everybody knows about these, because of the frequent emails -and reminders- that the Sports Committee sends. This week we’ve seen Swimming, Tennis, Football, Athletics, Volleyball and Throwball trials being held.

Whitewashing in the hostel

The Hostel Welfare Committee has started whitewashing both hostels this week. They intend to finish this essential process in about a week.

Talk by Mr. Nikhil Dey, of the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS)

The Legal Aid committee arranged a talk by one of the founders of the MKSS, an important workers’ organization that was a pioneer in the Right to Information movement. The talk was informative and helped students gain a deeper understanding of worker rights in the country, and the RTI movement.

Session on Legal Databases

The Student Welfare Committee conducted a session on legal databases for the first years, in view of their upcoming project submissions. The session was well attended and was much appreciated by the students.


Football League

Due to rainfall delaying games, a match between Vivek Ke Velle and Rashtriya Soccer Samiti was held this week. Vivek Ke Velle got a walkover and won by default.

All girls Volleyball Tournament

There was a match between Hit like a Girl! and Volley Girls, where Volley Girls emerged victorious.


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