Freshers’ Week


The Student Welfare Committee in collaboration with the Cultural Committee took an innovative initiative to foster stronger bonds of camaraderie across the batches in the form of Freshers’ Week, with the 21st of September marking the start of the Week. The three day affair saw several BoB teams go up against each other in various fun-filled events.

The first set of events was held on Monday. A Bollywood Quiz was the first event to be held, which consisted of three different rounds, based on either audio-visual clues or on the participants’ Bollywood Quotient.  The event was won by Sahil Barhate (II Year) and Pragya Dwivedi (I Year). The second event Legathon was one that called for great  teamwork. One BOB was required to carry a lemon on a spoon in his/her mouth and carry it from the garden in front of the canteen to the Amul Shop and hand over the lemon to their  blindfolded BOB. The blindfolded BOB then had to rely on the directions given by their partner to reach the stairs adjacent to the Auditorium. The Legathon was won by Tanuj Dayal (II Year) and Surya Vasu (I Year). Siddharth Priyadarshi (IV Year) and Surya Vasu (I Year) won the third even- dumb-charades.

The second set of activities took place on Tuesday. The first event of the day was a relay race, which was held in the lane between the boy’s and girl’s hostel and was won by Mona Noorezeydan (IV Year), Tarun Sundaram (II Year) and Narayan (I Year). The next activity-Taboo was won by Aarushi Mahajan (IV Year), Aadya Chawla (III Year) and Aakansha Bharadwaj (I Year) by an impressive margin. The SitCom Quiz (which was essentially a “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” quiz) was conducted next in the canteen. Vrinda Vinayak (II Year) and Vasundhra Kaul (I Year) emerged as winners.

The last set of competitions was held on Wednesday. The first event to take place was the GK Quiz, which was won by Aishwarya Kane (IV Year) and Aaditya Jindal (I Year). Unfortunately, Pictionary and Kho-Kho could not be conducted.

The aim of all these activities was to familiarize the Freshers with their seniors. However, the same could not be completely realized, for few students showed up to participate in the Week. While, the juniors, err… being juniors, felt uneasy approaching the seniors to ask them to participate in the events, most seniors seemed to be unaware of the fact that they were required to ask the juniors to come to the events. This miscommunication resulted in poor participation and defeated the main objective of this initiative.


(A previous version of this article mispelled the name of one of the winners. It is Siddharth Priyadarshi Sharma, not Siddharth Priyadarshini Sharma. This has now been corrected.)

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