The first ever NLUD faculty vs students match happened on a unreasonably hot Thursday afternoon. As both teams pulled up to the pitch in tracks and sport shoes, there was a sense of smugness among the students. Finally, reparation for thrice rejected synopses and 300 page readings. The fight for the Sovereign Cup was all set to be a one sided match.


Neeraj sir puts up a good show

The faculty team (The VC’s other eleven) won the coin toss and elected to bat. First on was Neeraj Tiwari sir, who performed commendably, and declared at 39. Soon however, the faculty team saw the loss of many a good batsmen- Risham sir, JSM sir, Niraj Kumar sir. This was also a time of many missed catches, notably by the first year boys. Tsk, tsk. The Registar was bowled out in spectacular fashion by Rahul Kawat, who had already put a few out of business. Twelve overs done -with the VC’s other eleven at 97 not out- the teams stopped for some much needed refreshments (provided by the Mess Committee) and loud ‘cricket music’.


The student side

Having set a decent score, the faculty team started bowling. The first over itself saw two major batsmen of the students team get out.The trend continued with Neeraj Tiwari sir and Jasper Vikas sir taking most of the wickets. Rahul Chaudhury and Kumar Ritwik hit the only sixes of the match, but this wasn’t enough to stop the wickets falling like dominoes. With Ritwik out, the VC’s other eleven took the match by 23 runs. This surprisingly turn of events was treated well by the other side.

Neeraj sir was awarded best bowler and Player of the Match. The Registrar and Faculty commended the efforts of the Sports Committee. VC’s Other XI lifted the Sovereign Cup and this was followed by celebrations with the team and other faculty members. Special mention must be paid to Siddharth ‘Bubba’ Sharma and Umakant, whose constant wisecracks entertained us throughout the match and Yogesh Pai sir for keeping score.

We look forward to seeing the next installment of the Sovereign Cup soon!


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