Spirited Away?

Life in law school cannot quite be termed as “easy”. While college is generally an enjoyable and exciting experience, juggling classes, moots, projects, etc., etc., tends to take a toll on the students. It is also this very campus that provides the students with various avenues to unwind- ranging from sports to dramatics to bhangra! Often, however, there comes a time when these activities too exhaust (and get exhausting!).  And it is at times like these that the average distressed student seeks refuge in the spiritual.

While most students have but little time to spare for pursuing piety on a daily basis, (inspite of their innate urges to embrace their inner saint), college functions are more often than not occasions where they feel compelled to resort to the esoteric. The Teachers’ Day/ Freshers’ Night held earlier this week, was one such evening where the student body’s spiritual fervour was at its zenith.

However, for non-believers like the writer, being subject to her peers’ mystical frenzy, frequently turns out to be a pretty unworldly experience. Raised among individuals who were largely atheists, the writer’s first brush with her senior’s divine pursuits (exactly two years ago, to be precise), left her a little short of scandalized. As her superiors danced with abandon to popular Bollywood songs, chanting the names of those friends of theirs who performed on-stage, the writer still recalls her astonishment at their zeal. A few months into college, saw her own classmates’ initiation into the devout cult. Her shock at their ardour was met by theirs’ at her resistance to the faith.

Two years on, the “infidel” has now been accepted as an incurable member of the community. The heretic too has found her peace being a minority in a sea of believers. (Being hugged, hit, sermonized, and thrown up upon and around by the faithful in their several bouts of divine trance, does force the peace upon you).

This Teachers’ Day/ Freshers’ Night, the writer felt no surprise as her friends found themselves swaying in yet another spell of divinity. Instead, she swayed with them, laughed at them, and enjoyed their peculiar rituals as a distant observer. (That is, while she was not busy focussing on the “distant” aspect, so as to avoid the mildly nauseating odour that some rites involve!)

2 thoughts on “Spirited Away?

  1. Veda Handa, I guess you are mature enough to understand the difference between your personnel pinky diary and a Glasnost article. Pay a little attention to it next time.


    • Oh, yes. Glasnost is not a substitute for a ‘personnel pinky diary’.
      C’mon, Handa. If you have a fascination with your personnel’s pinky fingers, you should keep it private. Geez.


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