The Year in Review: The Literary, Debate, and Quiz Committee

Members: Shivangi Tewari (Convener), Somil Kumar, Raunaq Chandrashekar (Co-Convener), Harshit Kohli, Shreya Ramann, Divisha Mehta, Somil Garg, Jesselina Rana, Kaustub Narendran, Sweta Pochiraju


The Literary, Debating and Quizzing Committee has worked hard to strengthen the debating culture in the university. Here is a look at the DebSoc over the last year:

  • The Prof. Ghanshyam Singh Parliamentary Debate
    The committee organised the 2014 Prof. Ghanshyam Singh Parliamentary Debate, which was the second biggest event in college after Kairos. It was quite a success, with around 250 participants from over 30 institutions.
  • Literary Week
    The Committee also organised Literary Week, a collection of literature related events spread over a week, ranging from Taboo to a Harry Potter Quiz. However, this was the only literature related event they organised, leaving more to be desired from them in terms of literary events.
  • AC/DC and Strife
    AC/DC, an intramural debate was organised by the DebSoc, to serve as a platform for people who had never debated before and wished to do so in an environment more comfortable than an inter-university debate. The Committee also organised Strife, the parliamentary debate at Kairos 2015.
  • Helping Debaters
    The Committee held regular practice debates and orientations for the new batch to acquaint them with debating and to help them hone their skills. They also sanctioned academic leave for students participating in debates, which was harder this year after the new attendance rules were put into place.
  • No Quizzing
    Even though the Committee is the Literary, Debating and Quizzing Committee, their primary focus seemed to be on debating. No literary events apart from the literary week, and close to no quizzes were organised by the Committee. However, they plan to change that next year.

The Literary, Debating and Quizzing Committee worked immensely hard to organise some great and successful events this year, and also ensured that the debaters of the university, both new and old could continue debating over the year. Apart from the fact that their primary focus was on debating, in the wake of which quizzing and literary events got neglected, the Committee did a great job last year.

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