The Year In Review: Library Committee

Members: Subhro Prokas Mukherjee (Convenor), Maulshree Pathak, Sanjeevi Sheshadri (Co-Convenor), Manan Jain, Shrutanjaya Bhardwaj, R.S. Lakshman, Shambhavi Singh, Madhulika, Prerna, Ria.


This year has seen many changes in the usually stagnant library, largely due to the diligent efforts of the Library Committee.

  • Extension of Library Timings
    Under the aegis of Subhro Prokas Mukherjee, Convenor, Library Committee, the administration finally agreed to the persistent student demand for an extension in the library timings. The doors of the library are now open till 12:00 P.M. in place of the original 9:00 P.M. This greatly pleased your garden-variety bookworm, as well as those who were more interested in air conditioning than the books inside.  The Committee also ensured that exam-time timings were more flexible than ever.
    On the other hand, the first floor still closes at 9:45 P.M., which leads to overcrowding on the ground floor post-10 P.M. The Committee also failed in its efforts to get the library opened 24/7.
  • Remote Access
    The committee also ushered in new technology by providing every student with remote access, or ‘RemoteXs’, to the online resources, originally only supported on the college wi-fi network. This eliminates the need to be on campus to access databases such as SCC, Manupatra, and so on and so forth. The OPAC system, however, is still not available via remote access.
  • Efforts to Introduce New Books
    The Committee made efforts to catalogue the books that the student body felt were missing from the Library, asking the students to send them suggestions. The response from the student body, however, was apparently not very forthcoming, despite the gesture being greatly appreciated. The Committee also attempted to introduce books related to the Civil Service examinations, but several concerns were raised, especially concerning whether this move could be seen as administrative endorsement for a particular profession. The project ultimately failed.
  • #LibCommForRajinderBhaiyya
    We saw our dear Rajinder bhaiya (that’s Printer-wale bhaiya for those of you who still haven’t learnt his name) being displaced from the library because of the ‘noise’ created by the Xerox machine, but the committee ensured that he had a place on campus to run his photocopy shop. Student wallets certainly appreciate this intervention.
  • Shortage of Plug Points
    Plug-points are only available at certain locations in the Library, and on days when the Library is crowded, it’s quite a fight to get a spot where you can actually plug in your laptop. The Committee has yet to deal with this issue.

Thus committee’s sole objective seemed to be making the lives of students a little easier. There were a few bumps in the road, but overall, we’re giving this one to the LibCom, if only because of the wonder that is Remote Access. Now that was an innovative idea.



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