The Year In Review: Cultural Committee

Members: Shubham Singh Rathore (Convener), Ishita Sharma, Pranav Jain (Co-Convener), Anuja Agarwal, Ananth Acharya, Srishti Singhania, Kuhuk Jain, Pranav Krishna, Kaali Prasad, Sonna Subbaiah.


The Cultural Committee has certainly had an eventful year. The Committee has made it a point to organise small events throughout the year, thus helping to break the monotony that often prevails within these walls and also providing the student body with an excuse to break out the banta. A few highlights of the past year include:

  •  The Cultural Committee’s opening event was the Fresher’s Talent Hunt. It was intended to break the ice and foster interaction between the seniors and the juniors. Navratri week, which was celebrated between 22nd September and 30th September. consisted of students wearing different colored clothes for the duration of the event. It culminated on Dandiya night, which saw the delightful introduction of iced golas in addition to the other available snacks (Alas! All were outrageously expensive).
  •  The Committee organised a rangoli competition and a mehendi event for Diwali night. In keeping with tradition, the fifth years of the graduated batch wore saris, and there were performances by various members of the student body in the auditorium. The performances were followed by a DJ night and a common dinner. 
  • The Committee also organised a Halloween night, where students wore costumes and competed for prizes (Candy. Of course it was candy). There was also free candy for those of us who possess a sweet tooth.
  • For Children’s day the Committee organized a Karaoke Night which was a respite from the dreadful exams. For the week preceding the 25th November Christmas Ball, the college participated in the ‘Secret Santa’ event which resulted in a greater interaction amongst the batches. For the Christmas Ball itself, people sang carols, exchanged their last gifts, and danced their hearts out. The highlight of the event was probably a very delectable Christmas cake, as well as a stunning Christmas tree. The only downside was a small controversy that erupted over the Committee’s definition of “semi-formal” attire for women, with several protesting the arbitrary ban on denim for members of the gender. The Committee quickly apologised, explaining that the email had been sent without consensus within the members, and that “no committee can dictate to any gender as to what they should wear.”
  • The highlight of the Cultural Committee’s achievements is most definitely Kairos. The second fest of this college was filled with activities and events that drew crowds from colleges all around NCR. The three-day festival had celebrities like Prateek Kuhaad, the Ska Vengers, Advaita, Abish Mathew, Ustad Kamal Sabri Khan and Sh. Rajnish Mishra who were invited to perform for the college fest.  Various games and events like Treasure Hunt, Taboo, Pictionary, Charades, Face Painting etc were spread across the 20th ,21st and 22nd of March. Inter college dance and singing competitions were also held. The event was, however, not without controversy: the infamous “Abish Mathew incident” stole the show. Whatever your opinion on the protest (covered by this newspaper here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, in case you want to spend the next several hours of your life reliving it), no one can deny that it was perhaps the defining moment of the fest, and became important in light of the larger question concerning campus culture. The Committee, all members of the Kairos OrgCom, came under flak from a certain section of the student body for inviting Mr. Mathew (who had previously made several sexist jokes in his routine) to campus in the first place.
  • Soon thereafter, the Cultural Committee, acting in consonance with the Sports Committee, organized Hafta Vasool. The Committee also arranged for another Karaoke Night, as well as a game of Mad Ads. On the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti, the Committee also organised the screening of a documentary titled “Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar”.

The main aim of the Cultural Committee is to develop an environment independent of academics and foster the creative streaks of the students on campus. The significant increase in the number of events is a sign that the Committee is evolving and diversifying. Despite the occasional controversy, the Committee has continued to hold events and promote college, and has largely been successful. The student community looks forward to the events the Committee organizes as law school is more often than not stressful.


(A previous version of this article listed certain members as “Resigned”. This has now been corrected. The criticism of the Committee post-Abish Mathew incident has also been corrected to reflect that the Committee was only criticized by a segment of the student body.)


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