Freshers’ Talent Hunt 2015

by DVL Vidya and Ishaan Mishra


The Fresher’s Talent Hunt is a tradition aimed at welcoming the juniors and breaking the senior-junior divide (to a certain extent). The fact that people use it to party is secondary. The juniors come first cough. The Cultural Committee announced their decision to hold the Talent Hunt on the 20th of August, and by 6 P.M. the Audi was surprisingly full. The juniors were trying their best not to look nervous while the seniors were there just to chill. The show started with a solo song by Pallavi who sang “Moh Moh ke Dhaage” and followed by various other solo performances by Amitha, Bharti and Sanya. Anany and Jagrit performed a duet and sang enthusiastically to “Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hain”. In addition to these performances the juniors displayed their musical talents by playing the guitar and even the ukulele. Shweta performed “Ambarsariya” accompanied by Kushagra on the guitar. Pallavi sang “Sweet Child O’ Mine” accompanied by Kushagra and Arshdeep on the guitar. Padma sang a beautiful mash-up of “Let Her Go”, “Over the Rainbow” and “I’m Yours” with Vasundhra on the Ukulele. Around 8 of the junior boys sang “Gulaabi Ankhein” with Arshdeep on guitar, which made the seniors laugh and join in. The solo dance performances of Padma and Siddharth was enthusiastically received and the Group Dance performed by nearly 23 junior boys resulted in the entire batch coming up to the stage and dancing their hearts out. The show ended with the host, Tarun, giving in to the crowd’s demand and beatboxing with Siddharth dancing to the beats. Prof. Radha Seshan expressed her joy of seeing such enthusiasm from the first years and hoped that they would enjoy the rest of their time in college.


The Talent Hunt was followed by the Karaoke Night, which started with a few glitches here and there regarding the sound system, but this was more than covered by the exhilarating performances that followed. The place was crowded well before 7:30, which was the scheduled time. Most of the crowd consisted of the fist years and second years. But this composition didn’t last long as soon students from all the batches started pouring in, almost packing the place. The sound system was up and the registration began with the fund raising happening simultaneously. People started dancing and going crazy to the performances, and in no time everyone in the hall was singing and not just the singers. The first song was “American Pie” performed by Second Year students, followed by “Hotel California” and “Jabh bhi Koi Ladki Dekhe”. This was followed by numerous performances. Tishta, Gowri and Kaushik of the Second Year referred to the event  as “Super awesome”. The event concluded around 9 P.M. and everyone went home happy.



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