I-Day 2015

Reported by Ishaan Mishra

The 2015 Independence Day celebrations were held in the University Campus at 10:00 A.M. near the reception area on a fine Saturday morning. The place was well set up with chairs to accommodate the students, faculty and staff, mike system, and food. The first years were mostly dressed in ethnic wear and seemed confident and well prepared. The Vice Chancellor arrived and unfurled the flag which was followed by a greeting of “Happy Independence Day” to the people present. The unfurling of the flag was a beautiful sight indeed, as the flag was well set up to release rose petals upon being unfurled. The national anthem was then sung by everyone present in the audience, led by the first year choir.

Everyone then took their seats and, at the same moment, the clouds screened the sunlight making the hot summer morning quite bearable. Prashasthi from the first year, being the host for the event, welcomed everyone and invited the first performer, Jagrit Vyas (Year I) who gave a speech in Hindi on Swatantrata. The performance switched between a speech and a poem exquisitely, often gathering appreciation from the audience. It covered various problems in current Indian society, such as corruption.

This was followed by Prarthna Sharma (Year I) reciting the famous ‘Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna’. Anita (Year I) then sang to the tunes of ‘Ai mere watan ke logon’ followed by Kulkit (Year I) presenting the poem ‘Where the Minds is Without Fear’. A first year choir then performed ‘Rubaroo’ from Rang De Basanti accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

Then a skit was performed by the first years showcasing how India has inherited the values of justice, equality and fraternity along with the vast resources and material wealth, and how taking care of minority opinions and groups is one of the responsibilities we have as Indians. The last performance was Pallavi (Year I) singing ‘Ai Mere Pyaare Watan’ with Kushagra (Year I) accompanying her on acoustic guitar. Arshdeep (Year I) concluded the event by appealing to the audience to save this lovely country of ours.

The VC then addressed the audience and talked about the problems faced by the country and concepts like freedom, independence and sovereignty; whether we have them in the true sense or not. He then shared a message he received on his cellular device about Ubuntu (the philosophy, not the operating system). The moral of the message was that one cannot be happy without others being happy – I am, because we are. He went on to talk about the important role of law students and legal professionals in the service to the country. The address was concluded by the famous lines from ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost.

The Registrar was then cheerfully welcomed by the audience who excitedly expected a poetic relief. He started his recital but midway decided to have a different poem on this occasion. The following recital by him concluded the ceremony.

Main ek katara hoke bhi samundar se jung leta hoon,

Main ek katara hoke bhi toofan se jung leta hoon,

Mujhe bachana ab samundar ki zimmedaari hai,

Yeh ek chiraag har toofan pe bhaari hai”


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