I (Don’t) Like to Move It, Move It

Oooonnnneee lllaaaassttt pppuuuulll I tell myself as I drag the last carton into my new room. Phew! And that’s another check off my to-do-list. Only 2,34,578 more to go. Yayy!?

Every August, students at NLU Delhi find themselves pulling and pushing cartons, furniture and luggage of all sorts across hostels as the new academic session commences. Along with it commences an endless tale of excruciating labour over the baggage that needs to be lugged around, frustrating squabbles with former occupants, and a whole lot of teething pains. Given below are a few of the items on my to-do-list that need to be checked off before I can tell my Mum that I’m finally done moving in!

  • Repaint a Wall. This is so unfair! Why can’t people limit their creativity to books and canvases, and just stay away from walls? While I appreciate the former inhabitants’ sketching abilities, I cannot help my affection for drab and colourless walls. I can’t believe that I’m going to have to paint my wall a rotten-cheese-esque-yellow so that it looks like it’s never been painted on before.


  • Take That Sticker of a Religious Deity Off My Door. It makes me seem like some sort of fundamentalist. But that’s the image of a God. I can’t possibly bring myself to remove it. Does doing something of that sort amount to a sin? But then almost every other thing is sinful. But is it even lawful to take it down? What if doing so is blasphemous? Google: Is removing religious images legal? #amazeresearchskills


  • Get the Carpenter To My Room. Now that doesn’t sound right, does it? But I absolutely must get my hands on this man! How else does one hammer in nails onto which the life-saving mosquito net is to be tied up?


  • Clean the Cooler. The loads of muck that a tiny cooler can throw up are quite phenomenal. But what’s the worst that could happen if I don’t clean it? It wouldn’t exactly cause pollution would it? Breathing the Delhi air is bringing me closer to death by the minute anyway.


  • Savour This Process. As dull and painful as it may seem, shifting rooms is quite a memorable experience. From hopping across the rooms to gauge and laugh at the damage done by previous occupants to trying on and showing off all new outfits bought over the summer under the pretext of arranging our wardrobes to the satisfaction that one feels when one’s finally got one’s room in order, every step of this course is a highly moving one (pathetic pun intended). All of it counts when it starts to feel like one’s own old room again.


  • P.S- Get Rid of That Fridge! What is with that notice? I must come up with some way to sneak my fridge past the Wardens, or else it’s bye-bye to cold milk in the summer! </3


P.P.S. –

Disclaimer #1 – A tolerant and secular individual, the writer has absolutely no objections to the former occupants’ religious zeal and its expression, and would not like to hurt their or anyone else’s sentiments by removing the religious deity sticker. That item, therefore, stands ticked off of her list.

Disclaimer #2 – The writer is not in the possession of a fridge or any other electrical appliance forbidden by the Registrar’s notice dated 12.08.2015, and even if she were, she would have dutifully surrendered the same without any attempts at misleading the authorities. That item therefore would never dare venture on her list.

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