Enter, the First Years!

The ickle firsties were interviewed by Shivalik Chandan and Shuchita Goel, who got bored of each other’s company and sought out other people on the orders of the Khaleesi, Chief Ed., Glasnost, and the driving force of this independent college publication, which cannot survive without the intensity – okay, you get the idea.

In pursuance of the tradition of checking out the fresh meat fucchas, Shivalik and I were coerced into volunteered, of our own free will with absolutely no persuasion from Kainaz, into interviewing what seems like a highly enthusiastic batch of juniors. Being the elderly geezers wise seniors we are, whom the juniors can turn to in their hour of need, we entertained their barrage of questions about life, the universe and everything and posed some of our own.

Disclaimer: This interview was taken in the canteen so the audio recording was slightly blurry. I’ve tried to transcribe everything faithfully, but do pardon me if I get some names wrong, or if they’re omitted. Also, some of the juniors were ascribed fake identities as they didn’t wish for their names to be revealed.

Interviewer: Now that you’ve been here for a week, what do you guys think about NLU-D?
Sagar: We’ve only been here for a week and a half, so we haven’t felt the college vibe yet.

Interviewer: Is it any different from what you’ve experienced in school?
[Chorus] Not really.
[Guy who wanted a cool pseudonym so here goes] Mimbulus Mimbletonia: It’s like one long sleepover but not as fun.
[Girl who wanted to be anonymous] Izumi Curtis: The realisation that we’ll be here for five years hasn’t sunk in yet. We’ve been here for about a week but it feels like forever.
Mimbulus Mimbletonia: Might as well get used to it as soon as possible.
Padma: I think the place grows on you, we’ll eventually adjust and it’ll be okay.

Interviewer: How do you find the college culture? Do you think it’s your idea of a stereotypical law school? Have you been able to interact with any seniors?
Padma: The seniors only arrived four days ago so we haven’t really been able to talk to them. Honestly, we’ve only begun to realise that there are other people on this campus.
Mimbulus Mimbletonia: for one week it was only 80 people and now suddenly there’s a whole bunch.

Interviewer: How are classes? Do you feel like they make you think a little more than you did in school?
Mimbulus Mimbletonia: They’re really boring.
Padma: it’s a really new set of subjects which none of us has done before, so paying attention in class is a pain.
Izumi Curtis: The classes challenge me to think quickly and form my own opinions. I realise it’s only been a short time but I do feel there’s a big difference between school and college.
Sweta: When we discuss something, it requires a higher degree of comprehension. Of course, certain classes are much like school. However, some, like Political Science, require a higher degree of thinking.
Kushagra: Yeah, they don’t spoon feed you, and especially with teachers like Dr. Maheshwar, things get complicated very fast.
Mimbulus Mimbletonia: I feel that we think more, not because of the college but because of the nature of the subject.

Interviewer: So who’s your favourite teacher?
[in unison] Dr. Maheshwar!
[lone voice from amongst the crowd] I like Dr. Prasannanshu as well!

Interviewer: How do you find the hostels and the campus?
Padma: After NUJS, anything is good.
[At this point everyone gets very passionate, and answers are thrown at the interviewers faster than they can manage to understand. I will ascribe random names to them. Forgive me for this.]
Sakura Haruno: I want to get out of campus but the curfew is too early! (Down with the curfew rule! Rise against the Almighty Administration! Sampoorna Kranti! No I’m kidding, pls don’t expel me.)
Elrond: Why are there so many mosquitoes here?! (Hah, wait for a while, then you’ll see that this time is relatively mosquito-free.)
Suzaku Kururugi: I want air-conditioning in the hostel! (I sympathise wholeheartedly, friend.)
Ash Ketchum: The hostel rooms are too small! (Sigh.)
Ryuk: It’s too cold in class! (Make up your mind people, do you want air-conditioning or not?)

Interviewers: Okay, last question as we have places to be and people to see. (No you don’t.) Where are you all from?
Kushagra: Delhi. (Where in Delhi?) South Delhi. (Why thank you very much, that answers a lot. What school?) reluctantly DPS RK Puram. (Hah!)
Izumi Curtis: I’m from Bhopal!
Sweta: Bombay.
Padma: Bangalore.
Mimbulus Mimbletonia: Ahmedabad.
[A gaggle of newbies arrives at the table, curious to see what’s going on. We rope them in like the good people we are. They answer too.]
Pundrikaksh: Kolkata.
Vasundhara: New Delhi.
Saket: Gwalior.

[At this point the interviewers feel like they’ve had enough material to publish a post on Glasnost and desist from further recording.]

So, here it is. The views of the juniors about NLU-D. Of course, most of these are tentative, and subject to drastic change as they endeavour to build their CV face numerous challenges they are bound to encounter in law school. They seem to be a highly talented bunch, with a pianist, a drummer, a guitarist and interestingly, a ukulele player. They seem to be into everything, from sports to music to other extra- and co-curricular activities. And they’re wandering the labyrinth of death just as lost as I was a year ago. So do give them some love and meet the juniors!


2 thoughts on “Enter, the First Years!

  1. Ah, anime references. FMA , Geass , Naruto , etc . LOTR as well .
    Somehow I feel the highly enthusiastic label is a wee bit inaccurate.


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