All Aboard Team Glasnost

Dearly Beloved,


We at Glasnost are always on the hunt for more and better content. It is with the same spirit that we are opening up applications to the Editorial Board. While the strictly editorial positions are currently full, we’re looking for people willing to become very frequent contributors and join the Glasnost team with their unique take on things. We’re looking for contributors in the fields of:


– Photography
– Reportage (on and/or off campus)
– Op-ed writers
– Columnists
– Website Development & Design


We’re not cocky enough to impose rigid application guidelines. We realise that everyone has their own set of skills and their own means of expressing the same, so we invite applications in any variety or form. The only parameter: How YOU can best help and contribute to Glasnost and make it even better.

So, weave a story, write an opinion piece, take some legit pictures around campus. Send us something, anything that best expresses you and best expresses how you can make Glasnost a better, fuller publication and if you make the cut, you can be a part of the Glasnost team.


What’s in it for you, you ask?


Well, for starters, you’re prime positioned to have your content regularly featured on the blog, which has over the last two years, managed to get some pretty epic readership numbers, on and off campus. This is the best position to exploit your talents while also honing them.


Additionally, you get to be at the centre of the publication which routinely provides a platform for some pretty wild and intense campus discourse, on topics varying from mosquitoes, to the basketball league, to more serious stuff, like bigotry and politics on campus. You enable people to express themselves and help make change happen, which is an invaluable experience.


Most importantly, and this reason sums up the previous ones too, you’re part of a team that publishes content on the regular in a campus full of to-be lawyers. It is as much a position of importance and influence as it is of responsibility and ethics. You’ll be privy to some gruelling and thought proving discussions on content, on what to publish and why, on how to respond to censors and campus authorities, to major incidents that happen on campus, etc. You’re going to be involved in some gritty debates, hard decisions, and moral conundrums, all in a set up that seeks to solve problems, on and off campus. It is truly a unique experience, and that’s coming from a diverse team that includes writers, mooters, debaters, athletes, cinephiles, etc.


So email us at Please attach your entry/entries and be sure to include your name, batch, and anything else you might want to tell us (including, but not limited to, your vision of how you’d help Glasnost, something about yourself, or why you thought Hot Tub Time Machine 2 was a shitty sequel).


As our readership grows, we’d like to spruce things up a little bit around the place. So if you have a flair for design, or if the pure logic of coding appeals to you, we have a place for you as well on the Glasnost team. For applications for website designers for Glasnost, we want you to give Glasnost a makeover!

Send us your ideas for a new layout for the site, possibly supplemented with a visual representation of the same. (If you’re handy with graphic design, that’s even better). Do mention your previous experience in website development (if any), and specific programs/coding languages you might have knowledge of. While knowing HTML/CSS is not a must to join us, it would be immensely helpful. If you know your way around PHP and WordPress websites, this might just be the job for you – but don’t let your inexperience deter you, it’s all about the ideas here at Glasnost!

Looking forward to several interesting applications. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.


With Pyaar,
Team Glasnost


P.S. While we adore the fact that we have a diverse readership, at present we’d only like to limit ourselves to current students of NLU Delhi.

P.P.S. The deadline for submitting applications is Thursday, 20th August 2015.


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