The Boy Who Lived – Part III

(You can also read Part I and Part II of the story).


“Ms. Potts, I believe you have some unfinished business with Hammer Industries. They’re looking for you on level 28.” Petunia said.

“Oh… Alright, thank you. Mr. Stark, you’re scheduled for the next round of negotiations in an hour.”

“I will see you there. Kindly close the door when you leave.”

Tony Stark’s mind was buzzing like a hornets’ nest. This woman. She was only a few years elder to him so why did she look decades older? Why was she here now? How did she find him? And what had happened to her face?

“You’re probably wondering why I am here.”

“You got that right.”

“I need your help. We need your help.”

“Who’s we? And what help?”

“Your father and I.”

Tony Stark froze and looked at the smiling woman, who was clearly enjoying the situation.

What did you say?”

“Tony, I need you to carry on with your father’s work. His mission is still unfinished and you have been deemed worthy to take his place.”

“What mission?”

“The one he was on the night he died.”

Tony Stark’s eyes narrowed. “What do you know about my parents’ death?”

“Tony, I think you should let me explain everything to you, after which you’ll know the truth. For five years, it has been kept from you, now you deserve to know.”

“Tell me, tell me how they died. It was an accident, right?” There was a desperate plea in Tony’s voice.

“Do you know where they were going that night?”

“No, they dropped me off at Uncle Adalbert’s house, telling me they’ll be back for me soon. And then the next day… I heard on the news…”

“Tony… I don’t know how else to put it but their death was no accident. The car crash was orchestrated. In reality, Maria and Howard Stark were murdered in cold blood.”

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