Musings of a First Year

by DVL Vidya


Week 1:- Oh my god there are so many people. What if none of them like me? What if I don’t like any of them? It’s okay, if I don’t make any friends then that can be a good thing. I can devote my time to studying and get an awesome job and make them wish they got to know me better. It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine… I miss home. Binge watches an entire TV series

Week 2:- Now let’s the play the game of “Are you a senior or a classmate?” Must keep a neutral expression and must not stare too much. Must also not become the jerk who doesn’t know the faces of his/her own classmates.

Week 3:- What the hell? Who are all these people that are being talked about in class? Philosophers? Really? What sort of 18 year old reads PHILOSOPHY when they are bored? Did they not discover the wonders of the internet? Ah shit, they cracked some philosopher-related joke, laugh so that it seems you get it. Dammit, I better write these names down so that I can Google them later… I miss home.

Week 4:- I did it. I survived a month of Law School and I only had two panic attacks. That isn’t so bad. Life is looking up. I got the handle of things now. I have friends. My subjects are not that bad. Everything is awesome. I don’t miss home anymore. forced smile

Month 2:- Talks being held. Must go to seem intellectual. Must forego sleep. I’m so hungry. Why am I so hungry? Am I stress eating? Or do I just have access to a lot of junk food? Look at the seniors, they look like they have got their lives in order. When was the last time I did something for the first time? looks melancholically into the distance

Month 3:- Events. Events everywhere. Must look as cool as possible. Must find the appropriate level of nonchalance. The “I’m excited but I’m not too excited” vibe, ya’know? I have to make really cool friends during these events. I got to up my social status. I got to live the college life… I miss home.

Exam week:- Wait, what? Mid sems? Exams? Frantic studying? Meticulous notes? What? I…What’s going on? I want to go home. I really want to go home now. high pitched screams of panic

Month 4:- Okay. I’ll study better for the End sems. It’s the first semester. I was getting used to this place. It’s all fine now. Let me focus on college activities. They seem like a cool thing to do. I will not listen to the marks discussions. I will ace my presentations, projects and the end sems.

Month 5:- Why are the End sems already here? WHY? They have to give us more time!! Oh god I can’t stop thinking about home. I must resist the internet. Must stock up on food. Must stay away from the toppers. Must concentrate. Must not watch that new Last Week Tonight Video… But it’s only 20 minutes long. What’s the worst that could happen?

Holidays:- People not interning OH MY GOD WHY AM I NOT INTERNING?

People interning OH MY GOD WHY AM I INTERNING?

(New semester)

Month 1:- A new semester and a new me! I will study every day after class. I will take meticulous notes. I will actively participate in college activities. I will be more social and will not run to my room the first chance I get. I will persevere. I will make sure that these 5 years are the most productive years of my life. Life goes: “Lol. Sure”

Month 2:- FEST! Doesn’t remember the rest

Month 3:- Oh god not the mid sems again. Wait, people have finished studying for them so that they could focus on the IMS? Holy shit when did they do that? Why didn’t I do that? Am I serious about the IMS? Do I want to be a stud mooter? Do I want to have more work? Binge watches another TV show

Month 4:- * People mooting* I will divide my schedule properly so that I have time for both exam prep and moot. As long as I follow this schedule I will be fine. I got this. Wait, I forgot to make time for eating and sleeping. Shit. Whelp, too late to change this schedule now. descends into insanity

People not mooting I don’t have any excuse to mess up my exams. I have more time. I can sleep and eat. I will study hard and get a better GPA. I will utilize my time. Seeing the mooters work so hard will surely encourage me. It won’t fill me with this sense of relief. It won’t make me want to waste time just to spite them. sleeps 12 hours a day and binge watches 2 entire TV shows

Month 5:- End sems. The Gods I didn’t believe in two days ago might be appeased by a human sacrifice. Or an animal sacrifice. Or a material sacrifice. Sacrifice is the way to the top. hisses at the toppers.


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