LitWeek 2015

By Shivpriya Gurtoo


Held between the 19th and 22nd of this month, the annual Literary Week organised by the Literary, Debating, and Quiz Committee of NLU-D saw students participating in various fun events. The event, which came as a much needed break for the students (given that the IMS Memo submissions have only just gotten over) gave many of us an opportunity to take part in some events for the first time, such as Parliamentary Debating, Taboo, etc. and some other more ingenious ones, such as the Harry Potter Quiz.Though we saw quite a lot of changes in the scheduling of the programmes, the students had a blast attending the events.

First up was AC/DC, or the Annual College Debating Championship, which went on from the 19th to the 22nd of May. AC/DC is the annual intra debating championship which operates on a 2-on-2 Pro-Am format. Speakers and Adjudicators had to register individually, with a total of 8 teams participating in the tournament. There were two preliminary rounds, where the match-up between the 8 teams were decided at random. At the end of the two rounds, 2 teams progressed to finals, that of Aaditya Gambhir (I Year) and Aslisha Batheja (I Year) and that of Aditya Vikram Yadav (IV Year) and Alok Gokhale (II Year). The nail biting finale was adjudged by Raunaq (IV Year) to the motion “This house being the people of India regret the election of Narendra Modi as the PM of India”. The best adjudicator went to Gokul Plaha (I Year).

Another event held was the much-awaited Harry Potter Quiz, which, as the name suggests, was completely devoted to all the Potterheads on campus. The Quiz started with a written elimination round of 15 questions for 20 marks. From here, 5 teams qualified for the next round. Each team was assigned subjects like Potions, Charms, etc. and two questions were asked of each team from these subjects. Other teams could ‘pounce’ – that is, write down the correct answer, and Vandana Venkatesh (V Year), the quizmaster, would come and check the answers, which, if correct could fetch the team 10 marks but, at the same time, if incorrect would cause the team to lose 10. After putting the teams through a rigorous test of their knowledge of Harry Potter, two teams were tied for the first spot, that of Aishwarya Kane and Siddharth “Bubba” Sharma, both of III Year, and Kainaz Tanveer and Karishma Padia (II Years). The tie breaker question was clinched by Aishwarya and Bubba. Tania Singla and Divyam Nandrajog came in third.

Other events were also held, such as Taboo, where the teams were made to sit opposite a projector and one of the team mates had to explain the word given on the screen. But the catch was that particular words also mentioned in the slides on the screen were not to be used in the explanation.

A few other events were also planned, but did not take off like Charades, the Literary Quiz, and JAM (Just-A-Minute). Here’s hoping for more fun next year.

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