Dionysia 2015

by DVL Vidya


It has almost become a rite of passage for the students of the First Year to stage plays and host poetry events under the eager and constant guidance of Dr. Prasannanshu. Dionysia 2015 was an event eagerly looked forward to by many of the Ist year students who felt that they were given an opportunity to unleash their creative talents. Law school can become very hectic and technical, and this is something that cannot be helped. Yet, with events such as Dionysia, students are able to get respite from their sometimes monotonous and academic-oriented schedule.

Dionysia was conducted in the usual manner this year, with plays performed by the students followed by a poetry event. But the students, in the usual manner, added their own twists to the stories. “The Silver Box”, by John Galsworthy was directed by Tanuj Dayal, Aaditya Gambhir and Vivek Shah.This Victorian Era play was staged with modern but appropriate music [ “Aye Ganpat” for the opening scene] and witty dialogs [ “You call this Justice?!” “No, I call this Lunch.”] Malefactor by Anton Chekov, directed by Mahima Jain, was the next play. This Russian story was completely Indianized and depicted the disparity in the treatment of uneducated blacksmiths with that of an educated government official by the Magistrate. The play quite humorously dramatized events that are now considered to be common place within the Justice system. The next play that followed was the musical rendition of “Trial by Jury” an Opera written by Sir Arthur Sullivan and directed by Ishaan Mishra, Gowri Bhargava and Prashanth KP. The play had everything from a creepy judge, to an enraged stick-brandishing brother to a beat box accompanied rap song. Needless to say, it was pretty cool. The plays ended with the adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s classic, “Pygmalion” which was directed by Shivpriya Gurtoo. For those who know the story, it is understood that imitating a cockney accent is no easy task but the cast managed to pull it off spectacularly and were given a special mention. The play was executed smoothly and was punctuated with inside jokes that left the audience in splits. Miss. Nita Arora, Principal of Shri Venkateshwara International School adjudged the plays and felt that “The Silver Box” and “Trial by Jury” both deserved to get first place. She expressed her eagerness to stage these plays in her school and was extremely happy to be given the chance to judge the plays.

The plays were followed by a Poetry Event organized by the Delhi Poetry Circle Dwarka. The event was presided over by Mr. Syed Sibtey Razi, ex-Governor of Assam and nearly 50-60 poets from across India attended the event. Garlands and bags were offered to the 11 signatories who were eminent poets who wrote in English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. These poets presented their poems, which was followed by a presentation of Ghazals and sonnets from the various people gathered.

Dr. Pransannanshu’s plays are and always will be a treasured and cherished memory for all the students who were lucky enough to be a part of them. It is not an exaggeration to say that it was only through Dr. Prasannanshu’s constant guidance and motivation were the students able to pull off such an event and make memories that they can look back and smile about. The first year in law school is about trying various things, and Dr. Prasannashu helped us to see that there was more to law school than just academics.


One thought on “Dionysia 2015

  1. WTF ?! Prasannanshu is a sub par teacher, human being and organism. Doing anything under his ‘guidance’ is to demean yourself and also the entire concept of ‘guidance’. Why on earth would choose to defile the noble craft of drama by this exercise is something which is beyond my understanding.


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