Farewell, Batch of 2015

On the 15th of this month, the fourth year batch conducted the official farewell event for the outgoing fifth year batch. In tune with the melancholy pervading the campus, the heavens opened up and let out a torrential downpour, the sort one only sees on the planet of Dagobah. In anticipation of the event, however, the skies cleared up and the sun began to shine in a while.

The farewell was Filmfare-themed and the DJ was playing evergreen hits like ‘Chahe Koi Mujhe Jungli Kahe’, while the seniors were arriving on the red carpet. They were beautifully dressed and bejewelled in saris, suits, evening gowns and pyjamas. The first, second and third years, all dressed in white, were cheering them on, asking for their autographs and fawning (your correspondent heard distinct cheers of “Sagar! Sagar!” and saw women fainting everywhere with the arrival of Sagar BM on the red carpet).


Eventually, with everyone settled in the auditorium, the program got underway with a very visually sentimental video of the faculty, mess staff, photocopy staff and canteen staff talking about the fifth years and how their presence on campus would be missed. I say visually sentimental because I couldn’t catch a word of what was being said. Or in Raunaq’s words, “Let’s pretend we all heard that and move on”. Despite it, or perhaps because of it, it was very clear that everybody in the video was exceptionally sad at the thought of their departure and the mood in the auditorium seemed to grow slightly sombre.

This was followed by a speech given by Professor Sachidanandam who talked about his hopes for a bright future for his students. He talked about the importance of friendship, recounted how successful his other students had been and wished the same for the fifth years. Subsequently the fourth year girls paid a tribute, in the form of a Devdasi dance, to the fifth years who had performed the same at an earlier event. A musical performance was held by the third years. These performances were intermittently broken by the award ceremony where various titles were presented to the fifth year students (a list will be provided at the end of the article), speeches and games. A few games that were held were the Neelam Show which was won by Pragya of the fifth year and a Rapid Fire Question round, modelled after Karan Johar’s popular television show Koffee with Karan, in order to make the event as Bollywood-like as possible.


The farewell took a sentimental turn with speeches by the fifth years. The first was by Siddharth Manohar who talked about the brilliant ability of spouting empty platitudes that law school implants in people. He was followed by Vered Lalrinpuii who tore up her written speech and talked about the things we fear and how to overcome them. She took herself as an example and talked about how giving a speech itself was a big deal for her as she’d fake illness in her first year to avoid giving presentations.

Her positivity was followed by a speech, that never seemed to end, by the man who feeds us all, Balaji Harish Iyer. He talked about his experience in law school and mentioned a few people in college who kept him inspired. Another person who reminded us of the importance of brevity in speeches was the Registrar who talked about how the fifth years were an extremely talented bunch and probably his most favourite batch. He interspersed his speech with the shayari he is ever so famous for.

Credits: Ishita, fifth year

Credits: Ishita, fifth year

The award ceremony was the main highlight of the event which kept everyone highly entertained, except perhaps those who didn’t understand any of the inside jokes (such as the first years). Nevertheless, it was heartwarming to watch everyone have so much fun after which they broke for dinner and the event came to and end. It was certainly a very memorable night and a brilliant effort on part of the fourth years.

P. S. Here’s the list of the awards that were presented:

1. Most team work ever: Divyanshu Bhatt 2. Greatest cricketer: Narendra Kumar Meena 3. Most likely to have two hearts: Aarti Bhavana 4. Most charminder: Akhil Bharadwaj 5. Most constitutionally valid: Rishika Sehgal 6. Most ghazals ever sung: Subro Mukherjee 7. Most politically correct: Arshu John 8. Funniest gossip: Chinmay Kanojia 9. Best PJs ever: Shreya Dalmia 10. Most golden heart: Devika Nayak 11. Most efficient – especially at night!: Mini Saxena 12. Coolest cucumber: Linesh Lalwani 13. Lord of DOTA: Shamim Nooreyezdan 14. Best kalakaar in the world: Aditya Raj 15. Most grounded (especially on the dance floor!): Shivangi Tiwari 16. Best basket(food)ball player: Aditya Prakash 17. Most Dhamaal ever: Aakanksha Dalal 18. Best procrastinator: Siddharth Manohar 19. Most buzzing just like neon: Natasha Aggarwal 20. Most Licks ever (of dogs and polo): Maulshree Pathak 21. Best PR person ever: Keerthana Medarametla 22. Most aitihasic ever: Karan Choudhary (son of Anil Choudhary) 23. Star Parivar award for the most helpful photographer: Siddharth Sarangal 24. Biggest nautanki: Devansh Arya 25. Most approachable senior: Sargam Jain 26. Most books ever read (16,000): Utkarsh Joshi 27. Most concentration while reading: Akshay Vaddagiri 28. Best eyebrows: Saransh Shaw/Captain Eyebrows 29. Best treasure: E. Aswini 30. The Star Parivar award for the best cyclist ever: Naveen Kumar Kanwadia 31. Most courage ever: Karan Chaudhary (son of Virendra Choudhary) 32. The most dedication and determination ever: Surabhi Khattar 33. Most likely to become a billionaire: Punya Varma 34. Best taboo player: Avlokita Rajvi 35. Most Bhatia-Balco ever: Pranshu Paul 36. Most organised person on earth: Areen De 37. Best ladies’ man: Sagar BM 38. Being the most Roger Federer like: Vaibhav Tiwari 39. Most dingus ever: Pragya Mishra 40. Most Outstanding(s): Avantika Gupta 41. Best yarn spinner: Vandana Venkatesh 42. Most cynical philosopher: Jishnu Sanyal 43.   Most fashion ever: Vered Lalrinpuii 44. Most elephantine memory: Palak Jangalwa 45. Best khiladi: Raghav Shukul 46. Most fire on the dance floor: Neha Sharma 47. Most god-like: Sanjeev Kumar 48. Best rapper ever: Rishiraj Singh 49. Truest feminist: Nidhi Chikkerur 50. Most SRK material: Ankur Saxena 51. Best go-to guy: Sarvatrajit Singh 53. Most beautiful hair: Raghav Sachdev 54. Most emo childhood (because it is kinda hard to hate urself nd yet luv urself): Somil Kumar 55. Most challenges accepted: Balvinder Sangwan 56. Most likely to become the head of a tribe: Arun Poomulli 57. Most gulabi ankhein: Sabrina Sawhney 58. Most mediation ever: Balaji Harish Iyer 59. Most maple leaves ever: Sujit Nirman 60. Most John Mayer like: Akshay Shreedhar 61. Teacher no. 1: Sucheta Roy 62. Most Zindadil: Ankita Mathur 63. Most RKB (respected, kind and beautiful): Rupam Sharma 64. Being the most janwar: Ishita Sharma 65. Best boss: Tanima Tandon 66. Truest friend: Shubham Singh Rathore 67. Most stylish person: Hemangini Kalra 68. Most jugadu person: Aniruddha Kumar Uchariya









11078151_866813233364212_8590180963182215921_nPhoto credits to Ishita, Vered and Sucheta of the 5th year.


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