The Real Reasons For You To Pick NLUD

We, at Glasnost, recently put up a slightly tongue-in-cheek piece listing out the reasons why law aspirants today should join NLUD. Though the article was written in jest, it has to be admitted that it did put forward an unbalanced view of our college. It’s time we cleared the air. NLUD is a great place to be. There is no denying that we have an amazing faculty and a great mooting culture. But is that really what makes our campus special? Though the academic aspect is certainly important; what happens outside the classrooms plays an equally important role in shaping our personalities- and this is where I believe NLUD is unparalleled.

In case you have any inhibitions about joining NLUD, maybe reading this piece will change your mind.


1. The Junior-Senior Dynamic

An alien environment like college can be a terrifying experience for the first years. Things get even worse when they are actively discouraged by the college authorities to interact with their seniors. This lack of interaction between the two groups is the reason why ragging has become such a scathing problem in campuses throughout the country. Rest assured, you’ll find none of that here. Though the college administration officially organizes an ice-breaking session right after you join college, it is usually during the Independence Day Celebrations (Organised solely by the First Year Batch) that the juniors start gelling with the rest of the college. Ragging is a problem you will never have to encounter in NLUD, as you will soon find out that the seniors are extremely welcoming and willing to help. Just so you ease your way into college life, there’ll also be student-led initiation sessions in both mooting and debating.


2. Go Sasha!

Though the college visibly lacks in sporting facilities, we make the best of what we have. The students have started their own football and basketball leagues, bidding fiercely for the best talents on campus. There’s also an inter-batch football tournament called “Balls to Justice” which usually takes place in the even semester. Other than that, sports is a gateway to the many friendships you will share as a part of the NLUD community. It has also become an incredible way to bond with the seniors. You’ll always be welcome by the regulars as soon as you enter the basketball court/ football field, who will be more than willing to guide you even if you are a novice in the sport. And if you are wondering what the hell exactly is ‘Go Sasha’, that’s a little secret you’ll figure out only if you join our college. Sorry.


3. Vibrant Campus Life

Even if you are not academically inclined, you will find that the campus is always buzzing with some kind of activity. Just two months ago, the Cultural Committee successfully organised NLUD’s second annual cultural and literary festival, Kairos. We have our own student-led discussion group which organizes talks with leading policymakers of the country on a regular basis. Considering the need for gender-sensitization in our society, the Gender Circle has tried to initiate a culture of discourse on campus with regular discussions on issues of gender and sexuality. And just in case you are suffering from a case of the Monday Blues, the Cinema Club organizes a screening of some of the classiest pieces of cinema every Monday.


4. Finding your way around the system

Agreed, the administration is a little tough about the curfew timings and everything. But once you join us, you will find a way to work your way around the system. Yes, the curfew timing is 6 PM and that is awful. But the guards are pretty chill. They’ll let you in and out of the campus anyway. Okay, so you are not allowed to be outside your hostels after 9 PM. But doesn’t that make your ‘illegal’ nightly excursions all the more interesting? All I’m saying is that the authorities will always try to limit your freedoms. That comes with their job description. Figuring shit out and getting it done come with yours.


These are some of the reasons why I find life at NLUD so interesting. Join us, and you will too.



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