Here’s Why You Should Pick NLUD

by Kainaz Tanveer


The All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) took place this Sunday, with thousands of students armed with their knowledge of (recently learned) elementary math vying for a chance to enter these hallowed halls. As other entrance tests loom in your not so distant future, as do their results, the dilemma of where to spend the next five years of your lives is not far behind. To make this choice easier for you, dear aspirants, we’ve come up with a list of reasons for you to pick NLUD over anywhere else.


  1. Home Sweet Home

We understand that venturing out of the safe environs of home and school can be a scary thought. But fear not! NLU-D is as homelike as it gets. From parent-like authorities making sure we’re in bed by 9, to protective wardens ensuring that we aren’t out there in the big, bad world beyond the unearthly hour of 6 PM, to the administration sheltering us from witnessing any inappropriate behavior like (gasp) holding hands, this place will ensure that you live in perpetual fear of getting grounded. You won’t miss your parents at all!

  1. Living in Luxury

The infamous Delhi heat and (noticeable) lack of air conditioning in the hostels needn’t deter you at all, for there are plenty of tiny, winged angels to distract you from the Loo. Instead of worrying about grades, you’ll be worried about what’ll get you first – malaria, or the toxic fumes from the various repellants used by the student body. At least you’ll never run out of ways to off yourself. (The cholesterol-filled mess food only helps the process.)

  1. Easy Academics

Besides getting to study an exciting new range of subjects, like communication skills and the evils of mass media, classes are made further easier by the ever-helpful examination department, which tries to keep things as student-friendly as possible. The spectre of the exams never looms for very long, with every set of exams concluding within a short week, with just half a day to prepare for the next exam. What better way to teach you time management?
The department also believes in (multiple) second chances. Inability to meet the notional minimum attendance criterion of 75% can be easily remedied by simply submitting five artistically calligraphed projects.

  1. Unique Mooting Experience

The University prides itself on its mooting achievements, and rightly so. Inspite of the Moot Court Committee’s resignations almost becoming a norm, the various fluctuations in the IMS policy, and the prevailing spirit of “healthy” competition, a huge chunk of the student body congregates right before the final exams every year to engage in that charming blood bath also known as the IMS Allocations. From this emerge the triumphant teams that will go on to keep the NLUD banner flying high. (Kindly disregard MPL Season 2014-15).

  1. Preparing you for the Corporate World

The holistic education that NLUD provides is designed to not just help you bag that fancy corporate job, but also provides multiple simulation exercises to train you for the same. Juggling projects, exams, and extra-curriculars (lol), besides teaching you how to multitask, also adapts you to a two-hour sleep cycle. The dark circles under your eyes help you fit in with the associates at work instantly!

These are only some of the many compelling reasons to become a part of coveted NLU Delhi student body. What reason, then, dear aspirant, could possibly keep you from joining our ranks? We look forward to seeing you next semester!


(Disclaimer: We would like to state that the contents of this article are purely satirical in nature, and are not intended to be taken into serious consideration while making important life choices regarding which college a person goes to. Further, we would also like to state that basing your choice on a clearly humorous article may not the the wisest thing you ever do. For the real reasons on which you should base your life decisions, check out our post here.)

10 thoughts on “Here’s Why You Should Pick NLUD

      • Dear Kanji,

        Kindly look at this as a satirical article and not as a defamatory one. “Bad press” is only a matter of perception.
        None of the information given above is false, nor is it constitute “bad press” in any way. We view this as communicating the truth, albeit in a satirical manner.

        Kainaz and Veda.


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    • Dear NLUD Student,

      Please refer to the comment above and note that none of the facts are “twisted”. We have only referred to facts of everyday life on campus.
      Further, with regard to the “purpose” that this article served – well, some laughs, at least. It was clearly a satirical article, intended to be taken in jest and viewed as a humorous take on our college and the students.

      Kainaz and Veda


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