Hope For Nepal

by Veda Handa


Workers at the Help For Nepal Foundation with the relief material sent across from NLU-D.

Workers at the Help For Nepal Foundation with the relief material sent across from NLU-D.

As Nepal struggles to stand on its feet, reeling under the waves of tremors that rocked the Himalayan nation over the last weekend, relief and support continues to pour in from across the globe. Inspite of the college’s unpreparedness to tackle earthquakes, the student body has been quick to respond to the needs of the victims in the neighbouring state.

A week long campaign, helmed by members of the small yet vibrant Nepalese student community on campus including Arya Dhakal, Jesselina Rana, Oshin Shah and Shreya Upreti, saw the students come together to raise funds and relief material for the survivors of the disaster. Their sustained efforts have culminated in the collection of INR 23,000, (amounting to Nepali Rs.36,800). There have also been generous donations of food products, personal hygiene essentials, first-aid items, as well as clothes. All the relief goods have been sent across to the Help for Nepal Foundation, a Delhi-based NGO engaged in relief efforts.

Hoping to uphold the transparency with which the collections have been made so far, the student volunteers have decided not to deposit the collected funds with the Nepal Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, but have chosen to send them across to a Nepalese NGO instead. The biggest challenge that the Nepalese survivors face today, is however, not the lack of relief materials and funds, but misappropriation of the same by state functionaries. With the volunteers having worked relentlessly over the last week, and co-ordinating with other members of the Nepalese student community across Universities in Delhi, and organisations on both sides of the border, there is belief that our efforts on campus shall be fruitful and shall reach our neighbours, along with our prayers.

There is also the belief that we shall learn not to trivialize matters as grave as this, and make them subjects of juvenile pranks, and learn that sending across a student’s clothes to the volunteers as “donations”, without his consent, “as a joke” is not funny. The efforts of the volunteers, the support shown by the SWC and the student body’s solidarity, inspite of trifles such as these, give the writer belief in the NLU Delhi student body.

P.S. – In the event that you haven’t been able to contribute, or would like to continue to do so, or would like to know more about where your contributions are headed please click here.


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