The Star Wars Poll

darth-vader-star-wars-movies-1859859-3827x5046In the face of impending doom, if you had to save a couple of films- representing the richness of the art that is film-making, which films would you choose? For me, Star Wars definitely has to be one of them. As Film critic Roger Ebert wrote in the past, Star Wars represents a watershed moment in the history of film-making. It brought an end to the personal film-making of the Golden Era of the 70’s and marked the beginning of the era of the “Blockbuster”. It is for this reason that visionary filmmakers like Ridley Scott (Alien), James Cameron (The Terminator), and Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones) owe a great deal of their success to Star Wars and George Lucas.

The Original Star Wars films actually started the concept of ‘the trilogy’ and are still considered to be the greatest movie trilogy ever. From Star Wars to Empire to Jedi, they all had a quality through-line throughout the entire trilogy. Though the prequels are considered to be a let down, they also had their moments. The light saber duels of Episode III are still considered to be a thing of beauty.

With the exciting launch of a new trilogy of movies beginning with Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming in later this year, The Cinema Club would like to celebrate Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) with you by screening a Star Wars film of your choice.

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