Inaugural Function for Kairos 2015, the NLU Delhi Fest

The second edition of Kairos, the NLU Delhi literary and cultural fest was kicked off today, on 20th March 2015. The chief guest for the occasion was Ms. Sagarika Ghose, noted journalist and the guest of honour, Dr. Santosh Chawla. After successfully introducing the esteemed guests and lighting the lamp, The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Ranbir Singh Talked about the achievements of our college, how we have been successful in providing quality legal education, and how the success of Kairos 2014 was a constant source of pride and joy to him. He thanked the Cultural Committee for providing us with a great line up of artists and wished for Kairos 2015 to be a greater success than its previous edition.

Ms. Sagarika Ghose, a Rhodes scholar and winner of various accolades, then came up and spoke about gender justice and the situation of women in India. She talked about the BBC documentary, India’s Daughter and how it was necessary to provide some form of shock therapy so as to force India’s political class to begin the process of introspection this country sorely requires. She talked of the power of social media and how it was nigh on impossible to enforce bans on anything these days. She endeavoured to impress upon the gathering the important of treating the genders equally and how it was imperative to initiate a sensitization program in schools, colleges, family and other places where interaction happens. Her message to women in general was to not be bound by social conventions and barriers, and “be a little crazy” in creating spaces for themselves.

Subsequently, there were speeches by Dr. Santosh Chawla and the Registrar, Dr. G.S. Bajpai, both of whom wished success to the fest and how it was important for students to let off steam once in a while. Dr. G.S. Bajpai, paraphrasing one of the most famous Lord of the Rings reviews to exist, said that the world is divided between two people, those who are at Kairos, and those who aren’t.

After all this verbal eloquence, we welcomed renowned Sarangi maestro Ustad Kamal Sabri Khan who exceeded expectations, delivering a goosebumps-inducing performance to rousing applause. He talked of the various aspects of the Sarangi and also introduced us to the various nuances of hindustani classical music. After this, there were performances by students. Koirobi Biswas of the first year beautifully rendered an invocation to Goddess Durga in Raga Yaman, accompanied by Puneet Pai on tabla. This was followed by a unique performance by Jagata on the violin which finally concluded the opening ceremony. We hope to see you all at Kairos 2015!


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