All’s Fair in Love and War

(The message was received by the interested students of the University, and indicates the goings-on of the day of the protest. The pictorial report attached to the document will also shed light on the clash between the groups, and the police intervention that followed).
Your correspondent writes about events that transpired on the 14th of February when your correspondent went to Mandir Marg as an avowed citizen of the Socialist Colonies of South Delhi to do what he does best- irritate Hindu fundamentalists. The post is a description of what transpired.
Like every self-respecting Hindu bigot, the Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha declared that they will marry off couples on Valentine’s Day enraging many in Delhi. True to spirit and on heels on a BJP humiliation in Delhi, an informal organization called “Shudh Desi Romance: Hindu Mahasabha Style” was formed. SDR decided to congregate in front of the Hindu Mahasabha Head Quarters located at the aptly named Mandir Marg. The plan was simple- congregate at 1200 hours and start conducting mock marriages. There were about 6 representatives from NLUD including 2 alumni. Your correspondent reached the venue late and found out that the protestors were bundled off to the Parliament Street Police Station when they started off with mock marriages in front of the Hindu Mahasbha HQ. Due to issues of abandonment, your correspondent promptly wore his Bengali marriage headgear (a “topor”) and courted arrest to join in the festivities at the lock-up.
The festivities included many Modi jokes which included Modi going back to Jashodaben Modi in true spirit of Ghar waapsi and 4 Hindus mentality. Altogether, the experience was a party in toto with some valuable CrPC explanations from the kindly police (no sarcasm). Your correspondent was released along with the others at 1730 hours under the promise not to go near the Mahasabha HQ. Immensely hungry, your correspondent left swiftly for the Republic of Chittaranjan Park.

Yes, it was as boring as it sounds.

Report on the Valentine’s Day Protest


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