So Symmetrical; So Pretty

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, most of us find ourselves pressed for time to have a proper, healthy breakfast. Others are too busy sleeping- possible causes: NYE hangovers, or plain holiday laziness- to wake up from their deep slumber before lunch and enjoy a nice meal in the morning.

This is until now. There is a GOOD chance that reading this post will motivate you to dish out beautiful breakfast for your loved ones.

Meet Michael Zee from Hackney, London who works as an officer at a museum. One fine morning, while laying out breakfast for his boyfriend Mark van Deek, he realised that the contents of both their plates were perfectly symmetrical. This motivated him to ensure that both of them have perfectly symmetrical breakfasts everyday, which led to the instagram account @symmetrybreakfast  being born. When they are eating out, he makes sure the arrangement of the food is symmetrical. Go, check it out. It is a delight for the eyes. He travels with his partner frequently, and his travel posts are as knowledgeable for your foodie cerebral cells as they are aesthetically appealing.

He recently made paranthas for breakfast:

Parantha, Mango Dal?!, and Mango Lassi

Parantha, Mango Dal, and Mango Lassi

Some more of his pretty breakfast posts:

Breakfast in Japan

Breakfast in Japan

Breakfast in Paris!

Breakfast in Paris

Rainbows for the couple’s first anniversary:


Counting down for Halloween:

Orange and chocolate mousse Japanese bread.

Orange and chocolate mousse Japanese bread.

Hungry people of the world, unite! :


Swedish breakfast

You can never go wrong with waffles:


Happy drooling!

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