The Christmas Ball


Credits: CulCom

By: Ishaan Mishra

Christmas ball was organised for the first time in NLU Delhi by the cultural committee this Tuesday, 25th November 2014. The people were greeted with a beautifully lit Christmas tree under which the Secret Santas kept the final gifts for their children, with the identities of the Santas written on them for future revelation. The area around the auditorium was beautifully decorated and created an ambience of joy and happiness. The event began with the melodious performance of a number of Christmas carols by students from various batches in their Santa hats. The guests enjoyed these beautiful performances and the participants of the secret Santa excitedly speculated the identity of their Santas, many of whom had left clues behind. After the end of the performance the moment of revelation finally arrived as the identities of the Secret Santas were revealed to their respective children. It was not unusual to see participants fill with awe as they found out who their Secret Santa was. Then began the much awaited ball with slow music being played. Dinner was also served at this time with cake exclusively for this event. The food was delicious. People enjoyed themselves and were provided a much required break where they could, for some time at least, let go of their daily affairs and enjoy themselves. The celebrations were concluded at 10 P.M. and people went back with a new set of wonderful memories, drowned in the spirit of Christmas.  10818595_10205594022398149_971289758_n 10822122_10205594953341422_1663394024_o

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