We have another Notice from our Unreal supplier. However it isn’t so much a comment on the notices that we get as much as one on the characterization of a certain group of people.


Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110078.


October 2nd, 2014

It has come to the notice of the authorities that some boys were responsible for extremely delinquent, lewd and s**ist behavior which has caused serious affront to the privacy of some girls. They used laser beams to point at girls’ b*****s and hooted and whistled as the girls communicated their discomfort and disgust with the help of gestures. The said laser beams were directed at the girls from the third floor of the Boys’ Hostel.

It is known that third year boys reside on the said floor. Since no one else can come to the third floor of the Boys’ Hostel, the University has come to a conclusion that all boys living on the third floor (including a Ph.D. student) are responsible for the heinous act because the said act could not have happened at all without all of them being complicit in the disgusting act. Even if they were not complicit, the University authorities believe, they know exactly which individuals were responsible for this invasion of privacy. Clearly, they are either guilty of commission of the offence, abetment of the offence, or at least hiding the true culprits thereof.

With the guilt having been so clearly established, this is to notify that every individual in the University now has a right to malign the boys living on the third floor in any manner whatsoever. Also, the boys on the third floor will not be granted character-certificates at the end of their courses in the University. The University is completely against this behavior. This notice is being sent with the knowledge of the Vice-Chancellor.



Copy to:

  • Every individual in and of the University

  • Every seller of mud in Delhi (so that they can procure enough mud for mud-slinging on the third year boys)


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