Chocolat Boulangerie Patisserie

Recently, Legally India reported on how placements in our college are finally picking up steam, with many of our seniors from the Batch of 2014 getting high-flying jobs and securing admission in prestigious universities abroad for LLM. This Glasnost report is on Rahul Seth’s new venture, Chocolat Boulangerie Patisserie, which adds a sweetly unique feather to the hat of the Batch of 2014!

Chocolat Boulagerie Patisserie is a bakery-internet cafe-dessert restaurant located in Bangalore. After five years in law school, what made him venture into this field? Seth explains-

“To be honest, it wasn’t entirely a part of my plan, not in my individual capacity at least. I was all set to run away to film school after graduation. It was Raghav’s plan though. Raghav is my elder brother who has graduated as a civil engineer from NIT Jalandhar. Initially he studied Gemstone cutting post-graduation. He had wanted to set up a Gemstone business. He had applied for and completed a 6 month course for the same in Thailand. He did his market surveys eventually and found out that there was a paucity of good quality Gemstones in the rough within the global market, so he put his ‘stone’ cutting plans on hold. As you can see from both our respective physiques, him less than me, unfortunately, we have always been into food. Consumption, generally. Until now. Even now we finish all the samples we make for product testing. So food was a logical jump for him. We had grown up on delicious cakes and pastries in Calcutta, so there always was an affinity in that direction. We had noticed a vacuum in the market in Bangalore in the area of Cakes of a parallel quality so we thought if we could bring something of that quality here, it would work well. He took up a bakery course. Thereafter he worked in a bakery in Calcutta for two months to get a lay of the land before getting to Bangalore to start work on setting himself up. When I returned home from college we had a few rounds of family dinner table discussions and concluded that i was needed at home more at the moment to help Raghav and i could possibly run away later, so we decided to partner up. I’m afraid to say i didn’t put up much of a struggle. Food can do that to me. So now I learn bits and pieces from the chefs and help around baking and making chocolates and do sales and marketing principally.”

The facebook page of the patisserie looks very promising, with pretty looking desserts with great flavour combinations up for grabs. Here, sample this:


Chocolate Fudge Brownie Tray. *drools*

We wonder if he plans to return to the legal arena? Seth anwers-

“My future plans are a little in the gray at present. Of-course I am incontrovertibly tied to Chocolat now, so until were at a point with the bakery that allows either me or Raghav the mobility to look out at other opportunities, making this work is all that is on my mind. I am dabbling in other things on the side too, though. I have been working with my father in his business as well, which is essentially a recruitment consultancy. The future might see me more closely involved with him. I have also taken to writing and am writing my first book in my spare time, at a steady pace. Nothing on the cards as to future legal plans at the moment apart from the occasional sale deed or lease agreement that I draft/vet for my father or for the business.”

We wish you all the very best, Rahul Seth!


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