Teachers Day & Freshers’ ’14

By Veda Handa

Kicking off the series of festivities that are to follow this Autumn/ Winter semester was the Teachers’ Day/ Freshers’ Night celebrated on 5th September. Besides being the semester’s first big cultural event, and our chance to show our love for our wonderful teachers, the occasion holds great significance for the students of the first and second year. Especially for the students of the second year. With life coming a full circle, it was with great (and very slightly sadistic) pleasure that the seniors initiated the Freshers’ into the fold by asking them continue the tradition of taking dates from the senior batch to the event, and of impressing them with whatever talents they were required to showcase.


Photo credits: Ishita Sharma

Once successfully inducted, the babies were next introduced to the University’s custom of being fashionably late, with the programme starting only an hour and a half behind schedule. They were further taught a lesson in sportsmanship, with the seniors neither begrudging them for winning the tug-of-war at the college’s first-ever Onam Celebrations, nor extorting from them their prize-bananas. The programme thus finally began with the Vice Chancellor’s encouraging words and celebratory bananas.

Aditya Raj and Parul acted as perfect emcees for the evening, thanking every single member of the faculty in their own unique way, their words of gratitude interspersed between the performances.

The string of musical acts for the night was initiated by Shrutanjaya “sattu” Bhardwaj crooning to all time romantic hits Tu Hi Re and Chura Liya Hai Tumne. Following him were Vered, Abhimanyu and Kali Prasad (who broke the norm by being the only Fresher to perform) with their rendition of Little Talks and Gravity. Abhimanyu’s solo All of Me and Bhanu and Akanksha’s Zara Nazar Uthake Dekho had the audience swaying. Jagata’s recital of an Indian adaptation of an English march band song on the violin made an impact, while Rishi Raj pumped the energy levels ten notches up with his trademark rapping prowess. As the evening drew to its end, Siddharth Kothari very aptly got the audience whini-, ahem, singing along to Barsaatein. However, it was Bubba, Sattu and Saral who took the audience down memory lane and left us a bit teary-eyed by serenading to childhood classics like The Pokemon Theme song, Powerpuff Girls, and Bob the Builder, awakening our inner child.


Photo credits: Ananth Acharya

Bollywood, peppered with Punjabi beats, continued to be the dancers’ favourite, with girls and boys from the second, third and fourth years respectively, grooving to chartbusters ranging from Shammi Kapoor and Govinda to Baby Doll remixes and the latest hits from Queen. Sanjeev, along with Pragya, Shivangi, and Bhishm, proved to us once again why they’re the best dancers in college, as they dedicated their act to our star performer Divyanshu who, owing to his ill health, had to give dancing to a cultural event in the college for the very first (and hopefully only) time a miss, while the fifth years, in their concluding act, showed us that they are, and always will be the Darlings of the NLU-D.

And thus, this year too, the Teachers’ Day/ Freshers’ Night celebrations acted as the perfect rite of initiation for the Freshers, showing them no matter what the manner in which their initial “positive interaction” with the second years takes place, no matter how adorably foolish their seniors look on stage while doing absolutely nothing related to thanking teachers or welcoming the Freshpersons to college, and no matter how we channelize our inner baraatis, crowding the aisles of the auditorium to dance and hoot along to the acts going on stage, we all do it together, as one big family that knows how to have fun in its own crazy (and at times pathetic) way.

P.S. It also showed them how good the mess food can really get!


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