Restaurant Review: Drool Kitchen, Dwarka

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If you’re ever in the mood for good Chinese, considering that Yo! China doesn’t deliver and Noodle Bowl isn’t very appetizing, or, you fancy real pasta (not a fake Pasta Express version) but are too lazy to get out of bed, get permission to leave campus to go out and get it, then, Drool Kitchen is a perfect place for you to order from.

One of the best parts about the delivery here is that they send you the food in cool vacuum packed boxes and thoughtfully provide forks as well. This makes life so much easier. Now instead of running around looking for a plate or a fork to borrow and wasting time washing the same after eating you can immediately get down to the good stuff and believe you me you WILL drool. I generally tend to opt for either the Pasta or a Continental Chicken dish when ordering and have not been disappointed till date.

The only flipside to ordering from here is that they have a minimum order requirement of Rs 500. Hence, if you were planning to order alone and treating yourself to a movie you can’t; you’ll have to go look for an order partner. Additionally, Drool Kitchen has this very popular “Groupon” where you get a 3course meal for Rs499 which makes eating out quite reasonable. This coupon cannot be applied on delivery, though and so ordering tends to be on the expensive side.

If you plan to go across, go on a weekend after purchasing the Weekend Lunch 3course meal Coupon as that is a real steal. Drool Kitchen is located at the Sector 10 Metro Station so you literally just have to get off the Metro, walk down the stairs and enter. The ambience is a little creepy. They have weird white cage-like structures with pebbles scattered around. I think they were aiming for the whole jungle feel but they failed. I would opt for the table if I were you. The mocktails are decent; nothing extraordinary but the starters were very good. I ordered the Sliced Chicken Garlic Chilli and the Ginger Fish. The helpings weren’t very generous, but quality trumps quantity, doesn’t it?

For the mains I opted for a Pesto Spaghetti, Thai Green Curry, Quattro Stagioni Pizza and a Petto di Pollo (yes I did go a little overboard. There were two of us and we couldn’t make up our mind). The Pizza is a must have. I think Drool Kitchen is the closest you could go to for a Thin Crust Pizza, apart from Dominos of course.

If you haven’t been to Drool Kitchen yet, go. It’s the ideal restaurant for those who consider themselves “fetch” or those who crave to eat beyond Kerala Hotel and the like (and willing to spend that much). It’s like a mini-pseudo-Hauz Khas Village/Khan Market, so treat yourself!



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