Freshers’ Talent Hunt

Kanishk dancing on 'Via-Agra'

Kanishk dancing on ‘Via-Agra’

The Freshers’ Talent Hunt is always a highly anticipated event on campus. May it be displaying a first year’s amazing talents or spotting some fresh meat for “positive interaction” coughs, it is a jovial time for everyone and always witnesses a high turnout.

The freshers’ this year did not disappoint one bit. The evening started off with a major surprise – the event started on time! Well almost. Yours truly was functioning by standard NLUD time and thus I was taken aback when I arrived a few minutes late to find that I had missed the very first performance.

Koirobi singing Hindustani classical

Koirobi singing Hindustani classical

I walked in when Koirobi was singing Hindustani classical music and followed it up with a song by Tagore. This was followed by Aslisha singing multiple songs including a rendition of ‘Demons’ where she experienced what many people do today. Maybe it was stage fright or the the pressure of performing in front of seniors, but she goofed up multiple times and forgot the lyrics. But the crowd cheered her on and completed the lines with her. The Bollywood lover in me shed a few tears of joy at the filmy moment as the audience completed the song. Next up on the singing list was Rahul who rendered his version of the song ‘Saiyaan’ in a rather unconventional way. A bunch of girls sang a slightly modified mix of ‘Woh Pehli Baar’ and ‘Laree Chootee’, and it was very well received. The group included Madhulika, Gowri, Tanaya and some more. The night, to my delight, turned more Bollywood, as Swapnil and Yashika put on a duet to sing the romantic ‘Mein Tenu Samjahawan Ki’. The singing for the night was capped off by what I refer to as ‘The Return of Aslee Shah’ as she sang ‘Unfaithful’ by Rihanna without any glitches.

The Return of the Aslee Shah

The Return of the Aslee Shah

Moving on to the dances, Sonna danced to some soulful music and impressed the audience with a full split as well. Next up were performances by Karishma and Komal on ‘Nagada Sang Dhol’ and ‘Kamli’ respectively. Overall, these dances wowed the crowd, but it was the last act of the night that bowled people over. Kanishk danced on ‘Via-Agra’, and he played both the male and the female roles. It called for sonorous cheers of a repeat performance that never happened. Or maybe it did, later in the hostel wink wink.

Kali, Aditya and Rohan performing Clapton

Kali, Aditya and Rohan performing Clapton

The last segment consisted of instrumental and group performances. Tarun walked on to the stage and showed the audience his flamboyant beatboxing skills. The crowd was first awed and struck by silence, but soon erupted in cheers and whistles. They clearly loved him. This was followed by a group performance by Kali and Rohan on guitar and Aditya on vocals (if audience shrieks were to be believed, he looks like our beloved Pappu aka Rahul Gandhi). They performed Eric Clapton’s ‘Wonderful Tonight’. It is a tough job to live up to standards as high as that of Clapton’s, but I believe the trio managed to put up a good show. This was followed by a solo performance by Rohan on his guitar. One of the highlights of the evening was an amazing show of junkyard drumming put up by Kastub and Shivalik. It certainly impressed everyone.

Junkyard drumming by Kastub and Shivalik

Junkyard drumming by Kastub and Shivalik

For some peculiar reason, the crowd incessantly demanded a performance by ‘Gokul’ but was severely disappointed on that ground as he did not perform at all. Overall, the talent hunt was a major success, and it served its purpose. The first years seemed a bit more at ease, the seniors were happy to meet some talented juniors and the Amul shack uncle was glad of the sudden unprecedented business. In the end, everyone won!

Photo credits – Vaibhavi Shaunak

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