What’s Cooking?

After last semester’s mess food debacle, the food scene on campus looks promising this time around. To begin with, the mess is now being run on a cooperative basis, with the erstwhile mess workers now working under the control and supervision of our elected Mess Committee instead of Ruchi & Ruchi Caterers. Nishtha of the Mess Committee explains, “The old contractor was not using quality products, and also was not paying the mess staff well. When we approached the VC, we were given two options: Either to change the contractor, or to run the mess on a cooperative basis. We chose to go with the latter. We now control every aspect of the functioning of the mess.” The old utensils have been changed and replaced by sparkly new ones. Hygiene is being taken care of with the mess workers wearing caps or chef hats, though one can still know what was served for breakfast by looking at some of the plates put up for lunch. The mess now uses better quality of rice. The overall quality of the food remains more or less the same, with very yummy dishes being churned out on fortunate days (remember last week’s fragrant biryani?). One hears that the Mess Committee is working towards implementing more changes, so cheers to that!

The cafeteria has been revamped (read: boring plain white-washed walls, with Samurai Jack providing some solace for those who miss the vibrant old caferia). Amul uncle no longer is in charge of the cafeteria. According to him, he was given a two day notice by the University authorities to pack up and leave. The cafeteria is now being run by Mr. Sharma of the mess, and has a limited number of dishes to offer. The dishes, however, taste good. And are served on porcelain plates instead of disposable ones. Half-fried egg and chole kulche and paneer kulcha and every other tasty thing that Amul uncle had to offer will be missed sorely though.

2014-08-20 16.41.37

The Revamped Cafeteria.

Lastly, Amul uncle has introduced a number of new items on the menu of his shop. One can now gorge on salami pizza and brownie sundae on campus.

Happy eating!

3 thoughts on “What’s Cooking?

  1. Wow! I am totally in love with your writing style. This piece just makes me want to eat in the cafeteria all day and in the mess.


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