Call for Reporters

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Hello everyone!
Welcome! To our old hands, welcome back! New academic session, new subjects, new teachers, new problems but most important of all, a new Registrar. This is going to be an exciting semester. And with your help, we at Glasnost would like to share with you all its ups and downs, victories and defeats, developments and drags, and of course, the notices.
Glasnost is NLU Delhi’s Student Newspaper that started in February. The idea was to have a one-stop shop for everything NLU Delhi apart from pieces of general interest to the students of NLU Delhi. Over last semester, we covered a variety of topics – from the absence of hot water in the hostels to the presence of cockroaches in our food; from our Vice-Chancellor trying to kick dogs out of our campus, to our Vice-Chancellor trying to kick us out of our campus; from Modi to Moyes; from television and movies to poetry and Loma’s Matchbox; and of course, a bucketload of feminism. What we’re getting at is simply that we got one thing right – there was a void on campus for a virtual student hub where we can all interact and share things of interest to us as students of NLU Delhi. At Glasnost, we are trying to fill that void.
And for that, we need more hands on deck. So if you enjoy writing and like the idea of being involved in an online student newspaper, we could not be happier to have you join us. Your responsibilities would naturally depend on the desk you’re picked for, but as a generic guide, they will involve writing pieces frequently, seeking out both articles and long-form pieces to syndicate, keeping in constant contact with your section Editors and others on the Glasnost team and thinking of innovative ideas as to what you could do with it. We know that we haven’t tapped into the full potential of an online portal like Glasnost, and we’re sure we haven’t tapped into the full potential of students in this University. So if that sounds interesting to you, please write to us at by 9 Pm 26th August.
Also, in case you have any questions, just ask us.
Happy weekend!

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