Meet the Juniors! (Or a few of them, at least)

The one question that has found its way into every conversation I’ve had in the past two weeks has been “How are the new juniors?” It’s cropped up so many times that we just had to find out. Here’s how that went.

Samith: So how is college?

Kaustub: It’s different.

Shivalik: Yes, different.

S: Different how?

Aaditya: It’s different because we have interpretative courses here, it’s different from school.

Shivalik: But it also reminds us of school, all these shitty timings.

Shuchita: Especially if you’ve been to another college.

Sonna: It’s also very different in terms of culture.

S: How do you think the culture is different?

Sonna: For someone who is not from Delhi (somebody points out that she does not speak Hindi).

Sonna: I mean, err… I’m from Bangalore and the idea of Delhi was not a very positive one. But it’s been really great, everybody’s been very nice to me. (good save?)

S: So now that you’ve been in class for ten days, who are the teachers that have most impressed you?

Shuchita, Sonna: It has to be Neha ma’am along with Salmoli ma’am.

Shivpriya: Yeah, they’re great!

Kaustub, Sonna, Shivalik, Sharad: And also Maheshwar sir.

Shuchita: And Amita ma’am. But what bothers us most is the timings. They’re ridiculous!

Shivalik: I mean, we can somehow comprehend the 6 o’clock rule, this is not a very crowded area. But what’s with the 9 o’clock rule?

S: Yeeahhh… Let’s talk about the positives now.

Aaditya: Very interesting peers (sic).

S: So have you guys been ragged?… Yet?

Everyone: Not really…

Aaditya: Things like “sirf Hindi mein bolo” and such.

Sonna: They haven’t made us do anything we don’t want to.

Shuchita: Nothing violent… violative.

S: So is it up to your expectations? Of a National Law University?

Shuchita: It’s definitely living up, more so because of the students.

S: How ‘bout sports?

Shivalik: I play basketball so it’s really great, but it’s unfair for people who play football, they have to make do with tiny goalposts.

Shivpriya: And where’s the volleyball court?

S: Er. How do you like your hostels?

Boys by general consensus: They’re really great.

Shuchita: What do you mean, we have such tiny rooms!

Shivpriya: And the bathrooms, oh God! We have mushrooms growing in them! Not even like tiny mushrooms!

Kaustub: No, they’re really good actually.

Shivalik: We didn’t even expect them to be this good.

S: Okay, there’s clearly disagreement between the boys and the girls. How ‘bout the food?

Aaditya: The mess food is very sporadic, it’s good one day and bad the next.

The boys: The canteen isn’t great, there’s really nothing available.

Shuchita: But it’s a nice place to hang out. It’s the only place where both boys and girls can hang out. It’s the only common space.

S: So what do you have planned for the next five years?

Shivalik: I really have no idea

Aaditya: I’ll do a bit of mooting, debating…

Shivpriya: It would be really great if you guys conducted a seminar on writing research papers.

Kaustub: Yeah? If you do, please don’t make it compulsory to attend.

Shivpriya: But it’s important! None of the teachers have explained it properly to us and each of them recommends a different method. Neha ma’am wants OSCOLA.

Shuchita: And Prasannanshu sir wants Bluebook.

Sonna: How do you guys know all this?!

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