The Best Youth Anthem Ever

Taste in music is highly subjective and depends on the person who listens to it. Choices vary from individual to individual and, until now, there has been no one genre of music, forget a specific song, that has captured the public imagination to such an extent that there is an emerging movement subsumed within general party propaganda to elevate the leader through the medium of music. And what great music it is. Exquisitely designed to cater to the needs and aspirations of the common man, while incorporating elements of nationalism (not fanaticism) and efficiency, two aspects of human nature that have been lost ever since the Indian Freedom Movement achieved its purpose. After long years of economic and soul-crushing depression, there comes a man with a vision who says, “Listen up India, now is the time to change!” So “pump up the volume and let’s go in 1… 2… 3… 4…”

He's the man.

He’s the man.

The aspirations of our people are boundless; we cannot do without drama and our man Modi and his gaggle of 13 year old songwriters certainly have a flair for it. On the one hand he is the common tea seller, one the other he is a supernatural airbender. The intermingling of human and superhuman natures is what makes him a natural choice to succeed as our PM. He is all of what he has been described as in this creative triumph of a song, with the talented lyricist, who has surpassed all expectations and brought the industry to its zenith, describing him as the “Common Man, Cogent Man, Moment Man, Exponent Man; Proponent Man, Employment Man, Improvement Man, Involvement Man”. All these different characteristics blending in one man enable him to “care us, bear us, free us, see us” and “dare ‘em, scare ‘em, mar ‘em and scar ‘em”.

The complexity and enigma that is Mr. Modi cannot be described in words as few as these, which pale in comparison to the burst of enthusiasm that rises forth from the lyricist at this point. He is a Leader, Speaker, Tweeter, Keeper, Eager, Dreamer, Seeker and Preacher. Not being content with sophistry, we revert to what Mr. Modi’s 56-inch chest could have described to us without the verbosity that is a prevalent theme of this song. “Who’s the man?” you ask? HE’S THE MAN WE SAY.

Honey Singh is being labelled as the ‘Voice of the Youth’ by… well by himself, but he feeds his own delusion if he thinks he stands in the same league as Mr. Modi’s team of enthusiastic songwriters. The office of Prime Minister has always stood dignified, unsullied by popular music. But Mr. Modi has changed the very face of electoral history in India with the release of this music. It shows what an assertive personality he possesses and the inordinate lengths he will go to, to include India’s much lauded pseudo-political minds energetic young crowd. The lotus unfurls. Now that he is Prime Minister, I only have one thing left to say…


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