I-Day Ceremony

As is tradition, the University held a small ceremony to celebrate the country’s 68th Independence Day. Professor Ranbir Singh hoisted the tricolor at 10 am in front of the academic block in the presence of the Registrar and other faculty members, which was followed by a rendition of the National Anthem.


Photo: Yash Kumar

The first years performed a short play outlining some of the important events which were part of the nation’s freedom struggle, and questioned if we have truly achieved the aspirations set out on this day in 1947 by ruefully showing us glimpses of corruption and despotism through the eyes of an eager and idealistic NLU Delhi graduate. Another group of them sang a medley including AR Rahman’s Vande Mataram in chorus. The performances were organised by the Cultural Committee. The ceremony concluded with the distribution of sweets.


Photo: Yash Kumar

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