There I Live

Written by Karan Choudhary (34LLB10), IV Year

High rise buildings, lowly shallow hearts
There I live, concrete jungle, if you may
Empty stomachs, nimble fingers, barefoot,
Rat eyes, tousled heads, robbed of childhood.
Laughing oblivious of the obvious
There I live, concrete jungle, if you may

Humanity mocked in every nook & corner,
Governed by law, larceny by leaders,
Concealing the unspeakable adversity,
Citizens, celebrating freedom in fear
There I live, the state (political invention), if you may

They partake in sessions to learn to laugh,
Why not teach sparrows to chirp, dear
Inundated with means to remain in touch
Yet, proverbial ‘paucity of time and space’
We remain unconnected with true self,
There I live, gadgets age, if you may

Elated they say hallelujah, in chorus
Writing death sentence for themselves
And their worldly peers
Yes, this sir is amour fou for green paper
Stupid denizens!
All this, just for a piece of paper,
There I live, with denizens, dear

Let humans meet humans unconditionally,
Let the hidden child come out frolic,
Let the flowers bloom without being plucked,
Let human have what they deserve,
Lush green fields, unpolluted air, pristine nature,
There I live, living dream on this world,
This known unknown world…

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